September 18th – 21st, 2015 (September 21st is the Public Open Day)


Size & Venue

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition CenterExhibition area: 80,000 sqm (2800 indoor booths + outdoor exhibition space of 10,000 sqm)
Address: No.11 East Minzu Avenue

Guangxi Exhibition Hall (for Agricultural Exhibition)Exhibition Area: 10,000 sqm (600 booths)
Address: No. 12 Minzhu Road

South China City of Nanning (for Light Industrial Exhibition)Exhibition Area: 10,000 sqm (600 booths)
Address: No. 56 Shajing Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning

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Pavilions & ExhibitsDetail

Pavilion of Commodity Trade


ASEAN commodities

Engineering Machinery & Vehicle

Food Processing & Packaging Machinery

Electric Power Equipment & New Energy Sources

Electronics & Electrical Appliances

Building Materials

Guangxi Exhibition Hall (Agricultural Exhibition))

Fishery & Animal Husbandry


Green Agro-based Products & Foodstuffs

ASEAN Coffee

Tealeaf & Tea Sets

South China City of Nanning (Light Industrial Exhibition)

Consumer Goods

Arts & Crafts and Gifts & Premiums

Household Decoration

Consumer Electronics



Pavilion of Investment Cooperation

International Economic Cooperation: International project contracting, labor cooperation, resource developing, IT, energy developing, infrastructure construction, industrial parks development …

Investment Cooperation: overseas economic cooperation zones, cross-border economic cooperation zones, bonded zones/free trade zones, connectivity, maritime cooperation, finance, logistics, border passes, port/harbor cooperation

Pavilion of Advanced Technology

China's innovative scientific and technological achievements; new energy, energy conservation & environmental protection, optical, mechanical and electric appliance & IT, modern agricultural technologies, maritime agriculture, fishery, maritime ecological and environmental cooperation

Pavilion of Trade in Services

Financial services, tourism services, cultural cooperation

Pavilion of Cities of Charm

One city one country as China-ASEAN Cities of Charm, which will arrange promotion campaigns and city-to-city exchanging programs during the fair period

Cities of Charm that have been confirmed: Hong Kong SAR (China), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Singapore

CAEXPO Agricultural Exhibition (during the CAEXPO fair period)
September 18th -21st, 2015

fishery and animal husbandry, fruits, green agro-based products, foodstuffs, ASEAN coffee, tealeaves and tea sets

CAEXPO Light Industrial Exhibition (during the CAEXPO fair period)
September 18th -21st, 2015

consumer goods, arts and crafts, gifts and premiums, household decoration products, consumer electronics

CAEXPO Cultural Exhibition
May 29th -June 1st, 2015

cultural products, media and publication, movies and TV plays, art collection, sports

CAEXPO Tourism Exhibition
May 29th - 31st, 2015

image display of tourism spots, tourism products, tourism consumption, science and technology (smart tourism technology)

CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition
November 19th -22nd, 2015

furniture, wood products, flowers and seedlings, woodwork machinery, forestry economic development and cooperation

Major Sideline Programs & Activities

1. Country of Honor

  • Inaugural ceremony of Thai pavilion of city of charm
  • Promotion programs
  • Talks between Thai leader and entrepreneurs

2. Special Guest Country

  • Promotion conference
  • Theme activities

3. The 12th CABIS & CAEXPO Sideline High-end Conferences and Forums

  • China-ASEAN Vocational Education Exhibition & Forum 2015
  • China-ASEAN Forum on Technology Transfer and Innovation
  • China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum
  • China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Forum 2015
  • China-ASEAN Cultural Forum
  • China-ASEAN Publication Expo & Forum 2015
  • The 3rd China-ASEAN Drug Safety Forum
  • The 8th China-ASEAN Think Tanks Forum
  • The 9th China-ASEAN Forum on Social Development and Poverty Reduction
  • China-ASEAN Mayors' Forum
  • The 7th China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Financial Cooperation and Development
  • China-ASEAN Electric Power Cooperation Forum 2015
  • The 5th China-ASEAN Logistic Cooperation Forum

4.Trade and Investment Promotion Programs

Pavilion of Commodity Trade
  • Sourcing conferences of ASEAN countries
  • Sourcing conferences of China
  • Sourcing conferences of building materials, food processing and packaging machinery, electric power equipment and new sources of energy
Pavilion of Investment Cooperation
  • CAEXPO Roundtable Meeting on Investment Cooperation
  • Promotion Conference on ASEAN Industrial Parks
  • China-ASEAN Infrastructures Cooperation Forum
  • Networking with Chinese economic and commercial counselors in ASEAN countries
  • Investment promotion conferences of the 10 ASEAN member countries
  • Investment promotion conferences of major Chinese provinces and cities
  • CAEXPO Investment/Financing Seminar
  • Projects signing ceremonies
Pavilion of Advanced Technology
  • Forum on China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation
  • The Forum on China-ASEAN Marine Science and Technology Cooperation and Technology Transfer
  • Thailand industrial technology cooperation and promotion conference
  • New Energy Forum of 2015 East Asia Summit
  • China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Matchmaking
Pavilion of Trade in Services
  • Meetings between banks and Chinese companies investing in ASEAN countries
  • Pan Beibu Gulf Equity Investment Forum

5. High-end P-to-B Interactions

  • Meetings/talks between ASEAN leaders and Chinese entrepreneurs
  • Meetings/talks between Chinese leaders and ASEAN entrepreneurs

6. Cultural Exchange Activities

  • Nanning International Arts Festival of Folk Songs
  • China-ASEAN Golf Elites' Invitational
  • China-ASEAN International Assembly Tour & China-ASEAN Media Rally 2015
(Remarks: the above information is subject to the on-site announcement.)