Supporting Services

Information Service:provide latest market intelligence that helps you to seize business opportunities;

Logistics & Customs Clearance:convenient and efficient transport and logistics services;

Business Service: hotel information, flight ticket reservation, money change, business tour arrangement;

Transportation:CAEXPO's chartered flights between Nanning and major ASEAN cities;

Pass-issuing:easy application through our online registration system.


September 18th – 21st, 2015 (September 21st is the Public Open Day)


Size & Venue

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition CenterExhibition area: 80,000 sqm (2800 indoor booths + outdoor exhibition space of 10,000 sqm)
Address: No.11 East Minzu Avenue

Guangxi Exhibition Hall (for Agricultural Exhibition)Exhibition Area: 10,000 sqm (600 booths)
Address: No. 12 Minzhu Road

South China City of Nanning (for Light Industrial Exhibition)Exhibition Area: 10,000 sqm (600 booths)
Address: No. 56 Shajing Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning

Please register before July 15, 2015


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