Incentives for Trade Visitors

Ⅰ. Our Resources for Inviting Trade Visitors

1.Invitation via CAEXPO Business Database

We will deliver invitation to global trade visitors via the CAEXPO Business Database with over 200,000,000 entities.

2.Invitation by CAEXPO Co-organizers and Supporting Chambers of Commerce

Departments for economic and trade affairs, 31 CAEXPO Supporting Chambers of Commerce in the 10 ASEAN countries and 11 national trade associations of China will jointly invite ASEAN and Chinese trade visitors to the event.

3.Sideline Biz-matching Programs

More than 70 trade and investment promotion programs will be arranged for trade visitors and buying missions.


ⅠⅠ. Privileges for Trade Visitors

Trade-matching Services: Individual trade visitors who register online before August 30th and grouped trade visitors will be offered free trade and investment matching service. The CAEXPO Secretariat will arrange face-to-face business talks in line with your procurement intention and investment expectation.

Information Consulting:Obtain the updated information via the CAEXPO APP and We Chat, which will include the policies and details on economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN and the on-spot services presented by the CAEXPO.

Invitation to Your Targeted Buyers: The CAEXPO Secretariat will deliver invitation to those buyers you nominate and give them subsidies in hotel accommodation.

Additional Incentives:International trade visitors who are approved by the CAEXPO as qualified will enjoy additional incentives in hotel accommodation, free attendance in business matching activities and compliment of the CAEXPO Journal.



September 18th – 21st, 2015 (September 21st is the Public Open Day)


Size & Venue

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition CenterExhibition area: 80,000 sqm (2800 indoor booths + outdoor exhibition space of 10,000 sqm)
Address: No.11 East Minzu Avenue

Guangxi Exhibition Hall (for Agricultural Exhibition)Exhibition Area: 10,000 sqm (600 booths)
Address: No. 12 Minzhu Road

South China City of Nanning (for Light Industrial Exhibition)Exhibition Area: 10,000 sqm (600 booths)
Address: No. 56 Shajing Avenue, Jiangnan District, Nanning

Please register before July 15, 2015


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