How to Registration-The 14th China-ASEAN Expo Bulletin for Exhibitors and Trade Visitors

How to Register

Ⅰ. Exhibitors' Registration

1.Date: March 1–July 31, 2017 (For registration deadlines of those specialized exhibitions, please visit the CAEXPO official website or contact the CAEXPO Secretariat directly.)

2.Please confirm for your booth application before August 15, 2017. The CAEXPO Secretariat, upon confirming the qualifications of exhibitors, will provide written confirmations to the enterprises concerned, and arrange their booths accordingly. The CAEXPO reserves the right of approval, arrangement and adjustment of the booth(s).


ⅠⅠ. Registration Procedure

1.For Exhibitors (Both online registration and registration by fax are acceptable.)

(1)Register with the CAEXPO Secretariat directly;
(2)ASEAN companies may register with the CAEXPO Co-organizers in the ASEAN countries;
(3)Chinese companies may register with departments of commerce or institutions authorized by the CAEXPO as Exhibitor Organizers in their provinces and cities.


2.For Trade Visitors (Only online registration is acceptable.)

The CAEXPO Secretariat, upon receiving the Registration Form for Trade Visitors, will provide those qualified trade visitors with relevant information on online pass-issuing service, business-matching activities and other sideline programs.
Deadline for registeration as trade visitor: August 2017



September 12-15 (September 15 is the Public Open Day.)


Size & Venue

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)


Zone A:Pass Center/Catering Area

Zone B: Osmanthus Hall/Exhibition Halls/Press Center

Zone C: Administrative Building (N)/Catering Area

Zone D/E: Exhibition Halls

Exhibition Space: 100,200 m2

Address: No.11 Minzu Avenue

Guangxi Exhibition Hall ( for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2017)


Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Address: No.12 Minzhu Road

Featured Exhibits: fishery and animal husbandry, fruits, green agro-based products, foodstuffs, tealeaves, ASEAN coffee

Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2017)


Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Address: No.56 Shajing Avenue

Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts & crafts, gifts & premiums, home decorations, consumer electronics, toys

Please register before May 30th, 2017


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