Supporting Services

Marketing & Exposure: full-fledged promotion campaign on your company by CAEXPO Partner Media;

Information Service:provide latest market intelligence that helps you to seize business opportunities;

Logistics & Customs Clearance: convenient and efficient transport and logistics services;

Business Service: hotel information, flight ticket reservation, money change, business tour arrangement;

Transportation:CAEXPO's chartered flights between Nanning and ASEAN cities;

Pass-issuing:easy application through our online registration system.

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September 12-15 (September 15 is the Public Open Day.)


Size & Venue

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)


Zone A:Pass Center/Catering Area

Zone B: Osmanthus Hall/Exhibition Halls/Press Center

Zone C: Administrative Building (N)/Catering Area

Zone D/E: Exhibition Halls

Exhibition Space: 100,200 m2

Address: No.11 Minzu Avenue

Guangxi Exhibition Hall ( for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2017)


Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Address: No.12 Minzhu Road

Featured Exhibits: fishery and animal husbandry, fruits, green agro-based products, foodstuffs, tealeaves, ASEAN coffee

Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2017)


Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Address: No.56 Shajing Avenue

Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts & crafts, gifts & premiums, home decorations, consumer electronics, toys

Please register before May 30th, 2017


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