CAEXPO Pavilion of Commodity Trade

I. ASEAN Pavilions (Halls 4, 5, 6,10,11,12,13,14,15, Zone D, NICEC)

Food & Beverages

Food:snack food, halal food, health care food, frozen/cold food, seasonings

Beverage:coffee, tea, wines, spirits & alcohol

Consumer Goods

Furniture:wood furniture, semi-finished furniture, components & parts

Household Products: consumer goods like detergents, body wash & care products and home decoration

Arts & Crafts and Gifts & Premiums: wood handicrafts, arts, gifts, premiums

Jewelry & Jades: jades, precious stones, jewelry, accessories

Bulk Commodities

Rice, rubber, palm oil and other raw materials (image display)


Tourism, education, science & technology, finance, investment, advisory and consulting service

II. Belt & Road and International Pavilion (Exhibition Hall B1, NICEC)


Snacks, health care food, seasonings

Consumer Goods

Wood furniture, wood handicrafts Home supplies, home decorations, children baby maternity products Handicrafts, arts & crafts, gifts, premiums


Culture, tourism, science & technology, investment, advisory and consulting service

III. Chinese Electronics & Electrical Appliances (Hall 2, Zone D, NICEC)

Telecommunications Equipment & Intelligence System:robot, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), 3D printing technology, VR/AR equipment, intelligence software, e-commerce platforms

Smart Household Appliances & Consumer Electronics:energy saving appliances, smart electronics

IV. Chinese Food Processing & Packaging Machinery (Hall 7, Zone D, NICEC)

Processing Machinery:processing equipment of aquatic products, beverage, meat, rice & noodle, dairy products, tea leaves, vegetable & fruit

Packaging Machinery:packaging equipment, sealing / wrapping / labeling / coding equipment

General Machinery:drying /sterilizing /crushing /homogenizing /refrigerating /mixing equipment

Large Commercial Kitchen Equipment:deep-frying machines, ice cream machines, coffee machines, cooking vehicle, juice blenders

V. Chinese Building Materials (Halls 8 & 9, Zone D, NICEC)

Doors, Windows & Curtain Wall:energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors/windows, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum composite panels, aluminum ceilings, light partition walls

Indoor Decorative/ornamental Materials:stone floorings and walls, kitchen and bathroom wares, ceramics, environmental coatings

VI. Chinese Electric Power Equipment & New Sources of Energy (Zone E, NICEC)

Power Generating Equipment:solar/wind/water/nuclear energy power generating equipment

Power Transmission /Distribution /Transformation Equipment:power substation, transformers, stabilizers, capacitors, mutual inductors, wires and cables and relevant instruments

Complete Equipment & Electrical Components:power generation and control equipment, electric control equipment, automatic equipment, electricians’ equipment, electric components, fittings and parts of electrical appliances

New Energy-driven Technology & Application:solar /wind /biomass energy, energy-saving and emission-cutting technologies & applications, LED energy-saving lighting fixtures

VII. Chinese Engineering Machinery & Vehicles (outdoor space, NICEC)

Engineering Machinery: digging machines, road machinery, blending/mixing machine, loading machine, forklift truck, hoisting machine

Vehicles:engineering vehicles, pick-ups, vans, passenger vehicles, low-speed vehicles for agricultural use

Port/Harbor Logistics Machinery:warehousing machinery & equipment, sorting machinery, hoists, conveyor system (smart transmission equipment)

Farming Machinery:planting equipment, animal husbandry equipment, plant protection equipment, farming machinery driven by new energy

CAEXPO Specialized Exhibitions Featured Exhibits

I. CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2018

Fishery & Animal Husbandry:aquatic products and sea products, aquatic/sea product equipment, intensive-processed products, poultry Fruits: fresh fruits, processed fruits

Green Agro-based Products & Foodstuffs:green and organic agro-based products, grains and oil, packed green food, packed organic food, beverages, wines, alcohol

Tealeaf:black tea, green tea, brown tea, white tea, yellow tea, herbal tea, tea sets

E-commerce: platforms of e-commerce in agriculture

ASEAN Coffee & Foodstuffs: coffee, coffee mate, foodstuffs

II. CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2018

Consumer Goods:plastic products, stationery, detergents, kitchen wares

Arts, Crafts, Gifts & Premiums:artworks, jewelry, ceramics

Consumer Electronics:household appliances, audio/video products, other consumer electronics

Toys: infant toys, intellectual development toys, remote control toys, toy models

III. CAEXPO Cambodia Exhibition 2018

Machinery & equipment, electronics & electrical appliances, light industrial arts & crafts, agro-based products & foodstuffs, agricultural means of production, investment cooperation, high-tech products

IV. CAEXPO Animation, Cartoon and Games Exhibition 2018

B2B Section:authorized dealers, publication, distribution & broadcast, industrial bases, game products, large-scaled entertainment equipment

B2C Section:derivative products, performance, competitions

V. China-ASEAN (Yangon) Trade Fair 2018

Building materials, hardware, lighting products, machinery, mechanical & electronic products, household appliances, consumer electronics, home supplies, consumer goods, vehicles, motorcycles & parts

VI CAEXPO Tourism Exhibition 2018

Image Gallery:national and local tourism administrations/organizations, art centers, heritage centers, convention and exhibition centers, airports and airport service companies, exclusive/luxury train companies, ferry service, suppliers of credit cards and relevant equipment, reservation systems, suppliers of technical support and equipment, media, tourism associations, tourism and transportation, amusement equipment

Tourism Products:souvenirs, food, fashion products

Tourism Consumption:airlines, cruise companies, tourism destinations, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, café, bars, car renting companies, cultural centers, museums, golf courts, resorts, tourism spots

Tourism Science & Technology (Smart Tourism ICT):smart tourism cities, smart tourism city facilities and on-spot simulated experience, smart tourism solutions and suppliers of information technology, tourism electronics, smart tourism products, tourism information technology (tourism and cloud computing, Internet of Things, mobile telecommunications)

VII. CAEXPO Forest & Wood Products Exhibition 2018

Forestry Equipment:rattan/wood-working machinery, gardening machinery, and logging machinery, furniture processing machinery

Man-made Panels & Wood Structure:man-made panels, wood doors, wood floorings, wood stairs, wood structure

Mahogany Furniture, Arts & Crafts Furniture, Woodcarving Arts & Crafts:solid wood furniture, panel furniture, wood/rattan-based home supplies

Flowers & Seedlings:forestry seedlings, ornamental flowers and plants (fresh cut flowers, dry flowers, pot plants, gardening seedlings), artificial flowers, economic flowers and plants (for medical, edible, industrial and material uses), rare endangered flowers, seedlings, gardening resources and materials, gardening design

Forest Economy:forestry medicine, mushroom, bees, poultry, animal husbandry, grass, vegetable

Forest Tourism:forest parks, natural reserves, wetland parks, itineraries, planning & design

Comprehensive Images:advanced forestry technology, cooperation projects, Pavilion of Guangxi

VIII. CAEXPO Mechanical & Electronic Products Exhibition (Vietnam) 2018

Machinery & Equipment:general machinery, vehicles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery

Electronics & Electrical Appliances:ICT, smart consumer electronics, meteorological equipment

New Energy: new energy and energy conservation technology and equipment

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September 12-15 (September 15 is the Public Open Day.)


Exhibition Arrangement

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)


Exhibition Space: 100,400 m2

Address: No.11 Minzu Avenue

Five Pavilions

Guangxi Exhibition Hall ( for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2018)


Guangxi Exhibition Hall Layout

Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Address: No.12 Minzhu Road

Featured Exhibits:fishery and animal husbandry, fruits, green agro-based products, foodstuffs, tealeaves, ASEAN coffee & foodstuffs, e-commerce in agriculture

Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2018)


Layout of Halls A & B of Nanning China South City

Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Address: No.56 Shajing Avenue

Featured Exhibits: consumer goods, arts & crafts, gifts & premiums, home decorations, consumer electronics, toys


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