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China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat

Service Hotline:+86-771-12343

  • For enterprises of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Booth Application:
+86-771-2212501(for engineering machinery),
+86-771-2212076(for food processing and packaging machinery),
+86-771-2212079(for electric power, new sources of energy),
+86-771-2212073(for electronics and electrical appliances, advance technology),
+86-771-2212087(for building materials),
+86-771-2212097(for investment cooperation, trade in service),
+86-771-2212090 (for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition, agricultural cooperation),
+86-771-2212091 (for light industrial arts)

Trade Visitor’s Application:

+86-771-2212010 (TBC)


  • For enterprises of the 10 ASEAN Countries
Booth Application: Tel Fax E-mail
Brunei Darussalam +673-8958959
Cambodia +855-12-600778
Indonesia +62-21-23528644 +62-21-23528654
Lao PDR +856-21-454771 +856-21-454771
Malaysia +603-62077077
Myanmar +95-67-430295
Philippines +632-831-2201
ext 254/255/277
Singapore +65-6827-6850 +65-6827-6807
Thailand +66-2-5078376 +66-2-5474282
Vietnam +84-243-9364792(116) +84-243-9369491
Trade Visitor’s Application +86-771-2212083/2212084 +86-771-2212010
  • For Non-CAFTA Countries/Economies:


+86-771-2212010 (TBC)



For more details, please visit the CAEXPO official website,


September 20-23 (September 23 is the Public Open Day.)


Exhibition Arrangement

Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)


Exhibition Space: 100,400 m2

Address: No.106, Minzu Avenue

Five Pavilions

Guangxi Convention & Exhibition Center for Agriculture (for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition 2019) A New venue!


Exhibition Area:20,000m2, Hall C1 (TBC)

Featured Exhibits:green agro-based product and foodstuffs, fishery products, high-quality fruits, tea, ASEAN coffee and foodstuffs, e-commerce in agriculture

Address: No.88, Changhong Road

Nanning China South City Halls A & B (for CAEXPO Light Industry Exhibition 2019)


Exhibition Area: 10,000 m2

Featured Exhibits:consumer goods, arts and crafts, toys, leisure and sporting products

Address:No.56, Shajing Avenue


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