£¨Ò»£©Pavilion of Commodity Trade
       ¡ôEngineering Machinery & Vehicle Section (Outdoor exhibition area: 10,000 sqm)
        1£®Engineering Machinery: mining machinery, construction machinery & equipment, geological machinery
        2£®Vehicles: pick-ups, passenger & cargo vehicle, agricultural vehicle
       ¡ôProcessing & Packaging Machinery Section £º(Exhibition Hall 7)
        1£®Processing machinery: food processing machinery, sugar-making machinery and metal processing machinery
        2£®Packaging machinery: food packaging machinery, drug packaging machinery, printing machinery, industrial packaging machinery
       ¡ôElectric Power & Energy Equipment Section £º(Exhibition Hall 10-11)
        1£®Electric Power Equipment: power generating equipment, electric power transmission, distribution and transformation equipment, electric equipment
        2£®New Energy-driven Equipment: wind, solar, nuclear, biological, thermal energy equipment and its supporting facilities and services
       ¡ôElectronics & Electrical Appliance Section £º(Exhibition Hall 12)
        1£®ICT products: telecommunications products, electronic components, computers and its supporting equipments, software & IT services
        2£®Household Appliances: kitchen appliances, refrigeration equipment, audio & video products
       ¡ôBuilding Material Section £º£¨Exhibition Hall 8-9£©
        1£®Building materials: building ceramics, bath and sanitary wares, chemical building materials, paving materials, doors, windows, curtain wall
        2£®Building Material Processing Machinery: woodworking machinery, gardening machinery, profile processing machinery
       ¡ôAgricultural Exhibition £º(CAEXPO sub-venue: Guangxi Exhibition Center, 600 international standard booths)
        The 6th CAEXPO, for the first time, sets up a separate Agricultural Exhibition in its sub-venue, to promote agricultural materials, agro-based products and foodstuffs. A series of confenrences/programs like Sourcing Conference for International Cooperatives and China-ASEAN Starch & Alcoholic Industry Forum will be held concurrently. (About CAEXPO Agricultural Exhibition)
       ¡ôASEAN Commodity Section £¨(Exhibition Hall 4, 5, 6,13,14,15)
        1£®Light Industrial Products and Arts & Crafts: consumer goods, mahogany furniture, jewelry & jades, accessories, gifts & premiums
        2£®Agro-based Products & Foodstuffs: ASEAN agro-based products, ASEAN foodstuffs, palm oil & its products, mineral products
£¨¶þ£©Pavilion of Investment Cooperation
        1£®International Economic Cooperation Section (Exhibition Hall 1): International project contracting, labor cooperation, energy exploring, industrial park development, port cooperation, information & communications technology (ICT), infrastructure construction ¡­ ¡­
        2£®Financial Service Section (Exhibition Hall 16): Credit/loan, international settlement, enterprise financial management, asset management, stocks & bonds, investing & fund raising, financial information service & technology ¡­ ¡­ Concurrent event: Theme Financial Forum
        3£®Investment Promotion Programs: negotiation conferences on investment projects and briefing conferences on investment environment of the 10 ASEAN countries and major Chinese provinces/cities, to timely release project information
£¨Èý£©Pavilion of Advanced Technology (Exhibition Hall 3)
        1£®Applicable Agricultural Technology: agricultural planting & animal farming technology, agro-based product intensive processing technology, circular agricultural technology, modern agricultural equipment
        2£®Hi-tech: mechatronics, ICT, energy-conservation & emission reduction technologies
£¨ËÄ£©¡°Pavilion of Cities of Charm (Exhibition Hall 2)

        Focusing on ¡°Customs-Business Cooperation¡±, theme of the year, China and the 10 ASEAN countries will select their own City of Charm to showcase the overall development planning, port cooperation, supporting facilities construction and management technologies of the bonded parks/zones in their countries. During the 6th CAEXPO, Customs commissioners/ministers, entrepreneurs engaging in bonded zones/parks and port cooperation will participate in the theme activities for exchanges and communication.