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“CAEXPO is very instrumental to companies, viewed from short-term point, it helps to raise our trade, from long-term point, it helps to raise our brand.” said Guo Fuwei, Chairman of Jonway Automobile based in Zhejiang, China, when interviewed jointly by the press.

Journalist (J): Is it the first time you attend CAEXPO?

Guo Fuwei (G): It is the first time for me personally, but not for the company. I have been long at the company, so I have not been here before I joined Jonway.

J: What do you expect to gain from your first CAEXPO?

G: Since Jonway is a newcomer in auto industry, so CAEXPO provides a good opportunity for it to open the Southeast Asian market. We make many new friends and meet old friends each time we attend the event, which is very helpful to our trade.

J: What about the exhibition these two days?

G: It is very good. After we attend the CAEXPO, we are better known than before, and interested parties would directly ask how we can work with each other rather than who you are and where you are from. We have had some deals in ASEAN, such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

J: What do you think is the difference of CAEXPO than other peers, that can give helps to more companies?

G: CAEXPO is quite helpful to our company. Viewed from short-term point, despite that I myself am in charge of oversea marketing, the sales focus on the domestic market for automobiles. For the past two days, visitors of Nanning and neighboring regions came to have a look. Because we have dealers in Nanning, so people first would come to the fair to see with their own eyes the condition of our products, then go to strike the deal with our dealers. Though there may not be a significant rise in sales volume, it does grows in quantity year on year. On a long-term view, Jonway will develop the market by good brand and reputation.

J: What is your overall impression of the 8th CAEXPO?

G: Very good. Since I have never been here before so I make a round at the fair and attend some business matching, and find there are many opportunities for import and export. So CAEXPO is a cooperation conducive channel. Many foreign firms can directly find what they want with the accurate positioning of CAEXPO, so the talk next will be made much easier.

J: How will you carry out the cooperation with ASEAN in the next few years?

G: At present, we do business with ASEAN countries focusing on the whole unit. The products will be export through local dealers. But after a certain quantity and reputation we earn, Jonway will engage in the local dealership or general agents to give more benefits to our customers, that is the second phase. At the third phase, after we have got good acceptance in the key market, we will consider to have joint ventures with local partners in ASEAN.

J: What cooperation are you going to conduct with ASEAN through CAEXPO?

G: We hope to know more auto makers and big dealers in ASEAN countries through CAEXPO, which will be conducive to direct business cooperation for both sides in future.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

2011-10-26 08:57:00