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On Oct 22, when interviewed jointly by the press, Tarone,Vice Chief Operation Officer of Jupiter Public Work Project, US, said that CAEXPO has provided a very good platform for exchanges and cooperation.

Journalist (J): I understand it is your first time to attend CAEXPO. What do you expect to get from this event?

Tarone (T): Since we specialize in EB5 projects in the United States, and CAEXPO can provide people from different parts of the world to get together for exchanges and cooperation, and I believe there are also many enterprises coming from different countries, so we bring our project here to offer more choices for all.

J: How can CAEXPO help with your project?

T: CAEXPO has provided a good platform for enterprises from all over the world to exchange and to cooperation with each other. To companies like ours which are from the US, it is also a good chance to know more about each other.

J: What is it that you are impresses by CAEXPO?

T: People from different countries have brought their respective products here for sharing, in which new ideas may be generated to enhance their products to higher level.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

2011-10-27 08:58:00