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The theme of the 8th CAEXPO is environmental protection cooperation, the products of Shanghai Xiaoguanjia Electrical Appliances have attracted large crowds of visitors. “Our products are high tech and environment friendly and energy saving, in compliance with the theme of the event, and we hope to get into ASEAN market through CAEXPO,” said Zha Manlan, president of Shanghai Xiaoguanjia Electrical Appliances Industry Co. Ltd, when interviewed by the press.

Journalist (J): Is this the first time you attend the CAEXPO?

Zha Manlan (Z): Yes, it is but I feel very good, and I will come again next year.

J: What do you expect to get from your first CAEXPO?

Z: There are three aspects, first to publicize our products in Guangxi, second to find our partners through CAEXPO, and third to sell all of our products.

J: How do you think will CAEXPO help with your company?

Z: I think the effect is very good. I attended a matching program this morning and talked to interested parties. Just now at the Pavilion of Vietnam, some one wants to cooperate with us by selling our products in Vietnam. Next we will try to open the ASEAN market through CAEXPO because so far there have been quite a few contacts from there, but I think it will take some time before we can have in-depth cooperation.

J: Do you think your products have difficulties in entering ASEAN market?

Z: I think there should not be many difficulties, because CAEXPO has provided a platform for companies from the 11 countries to see and talk, so our products are easy to be known about. And wherever there is electricity consumption, there is risk and waste. So our products can find markets anywhere. CAEXPO has done a good job in publicizing our products, which are very affordable by all consumers. Why do we name our products Xiaoguanjia? It is actually the meaning of little housekeeper in Chinese. We want to help create a safe and energy efficient house environment with our products. House here can even mean the largest house we share, the Earth.

J: Since the 8th CAEXPO has covered many pavilions, forums and meetings, what impress you most?

Z: I think I have more interest in commodity trade and science and technology, because I have direct contacts with these things. I also care for environmental protection, because our products are high tech and energy efficient, fitting in with the theme of the 8th CAEXPO.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo


2011-10-27 08:59:06