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While Chinese imports far exceed Philippine exports to China, a local business leader believed more should be done to take advantage of the size of the Chinese market.
Melanie Ng, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) president, said local businesses should explore selling more to China.
“We are importing a lot from China. Without a doubt, our imports far exceeds our export to China. But China is a huge market,” she said in a text message.
One way of exploring the Chinese market is to participate in trade expos, which the chamber is considering at the moment.
Last Saturday, Jan. 14, CCCI had a meeting with the 14th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) secretariat, Guangxi International Expositions Bureau director general Wang Lei.
During the meeting, the local chamber was invited to attend the CAEXPO happening in September this year in Nanning, China.
“CCCI is seriously considering organizing a delegation to attend this year’s CAEXPO,” said Ng.
Ng said the difference between CAEXPO and other expos in China was that the latter doubles as a trade and investment event.
The chamber president said delegates will have a chance to engage participants from other ASEAN states as well as market their products and services to China.
She added that the chamber is encouraging its members, particularly the exporters, to look at this opportunity to explore what unique product Cebu can offer to the Chinese market.
CCCI presently has a membership of more than 700, composed of big and small firms based in Cebu.
Trade missions
The business leader said CCCI also has several planned trade missions outside the country, including China and Indonesia, as well as a follow-up trip to Hiroshima in Japan, which the group visited toward the end of 2016.
“Years ago, we had several CCCI trips to China. I have an invitation to join an investment forum early (this) year,” she said in a previous interview.
2017-03-20 10:46:25