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On the afternoon of September 12, a number of visitors were consulting with the workers about a wide variety of commodities at the Vietnam Hall at the China-ASEAN Expo. Vietnamese commodities have all the time attracted the visitors for its good quality, low price, as well as a wide variety.  
“Hi! Boss, I would like to try this pair of blue Flip-Flops. Are they still available?”Ms. Liu, who came for the first time, asked. At the booth of the “Pingxian Flip-Flops” at the entrance of the Vietnam Hall gathered an endless flow of visitors, who consulted the commodities. Liu said, “My friend specially recommended me to buy a pair of ‘Pingxian Flip-Flops.’ They feel soft, with good elasticity and durability.”
It was reported that Vietnam Pingxian Daily Necessities Making Co., Ltd. mainly engages in the production and operation of shoes. Since its participating in the first China-ASEAN Expo in 2004, “Pingxian Flip-Flops” have received good comments from the visitors and consumers for its good reputation as well as good quality and low price. 
In addition, the fancy goods at the Vietnam Hall are also best-selling. The reporter observed at an exhibition booth that the wooden chopsticks, combs and tissue boxes are very practical and possess the characteristics of Vietnam, thus becoming popular among the visitors. Sheng Fei, overseas student and an authentic Hungarian, joined the queue for buying the fancy goods. He had bought mirrors and combs with the drawings of beautiful Vietnamese ladies. He spoke in broken Mandarin smilingly, “They look very nice. I can give them to my families as gifts.”
Besides these practical fancy goods, the coffee, yoghourts, durian-flavored biscuits as well as coconut candies and biscuits were popular commodities at the Vietnam Hall. 
Over the recent years, pushed by the Belt and Road and the China-ASEAN Expo, Sino-Vietnam trade has witnessed rapid growth. In the first half of this year, Vietnam saw an increase of exports to China by 37.4%, ranking No.1 among ASEAN countries. China has become the largest export market for Vietnam, while Vietnam has become the largest trading partner of China in the ASEAN market. (Wu Qi)
CAEXPO Secretariat 2018-09-15 11:29:15