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On the afternoon of September 13, though the International Convention and Exhibition Center was about to close, a crowd of people still gathered in a corner of D Area.
Mr. Yang, a distributor from Yantai City, Shandong Province, is one of persons in the crowd. He said “Although I come here to sell things, there are many distinctive products here.” Mr. Yang took all the products he bought in the exhibition to China Post. “Buying something for family and friends is well worth my visit to this exhibition and I plan to continuously buy something tomorrow after posting these things”. 
As the designated telecommunication service provider of this China-ASEAN Expo, China Post has set up two temporary service outlets in D Area, providing services for the Expo from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. For this purpose, China Post has picked up a number of business backbones to provide convenient services for exhibitors and tourists, such as receiving and posting parcels quickly, purchasing exhibition souvenirs with Guangxi regional flavor and culture, etc.
There are two service areas in each service outlet, therein, one area sells exhibition souvenirs, and the other provides services for strengthening the mail inspection, optimizing the operation process, helping exhibitors and tourists express the special products bought from this Expo. The service outlets not only provide convenient service for exhibitors and tourists, but also ensure the safety and delivery time of mails. Staff of China Post told reporters that “In these two days, many people come here for mailing, and the mails are delivered to both China and overseas. Most of people post the specialties from Guangxi and Southeast Asia, and it is expected to welcome the peak flow of the mails on public days” (Liang Xiaohua)
CAEXPO Secretariat 2018-09-15 12:20:14