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How many kinds of banknotes in the 10 ASEAN countries can you recognize? Visitors to the exhibition are surrounding a small white round table, on which, there are many disordered photos of banknotes. The participant of the game who can recognize the banknote of three countries can get a small gift, so many visitors are happily taking part in the game. The scene took place in the booth of Bank of China in B2 Exhibition hall of the International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 13.
As the leading bank of China-ASEAN Expo, Bank of China has been serving the East Expo for fifteen years, during which, great changes have happened to the social technology development and people’s lifestyle. In order to better adapt to the development of technology and meet people’s needs, Bank of China, this year, launched a “Smart Counter”. This machine which can even replace the artificial counter has become a lead in the booth of Bank of China during this China-ASEAN Expo. Ms. Su, a clerk of the Bank, introduced that “Although this smart counter of Bank of China is just put into use this year, it has been equipped in all the outlets of Bank of China with at least two in each outlet, and has achieved the target of diversion of artificial counter services. Nowadays, 90% of the business handled by Bank of China has been already realized through smart counters. In addition to the smart counter, Ms. Su also introduced the Mobile Client to audiences which can also handle most of the banking business at home, such as paying electricity charges, making appointment with outlet, charging mobile phone and so on; in addition, users can achieve a reasonable use of funds through the financial management on mobile phone.
In order to achieve the goal of “Building A New World-class Global Bank”, Bank of China has been actively constructed the financial artery under “the Belt and Road Initiative” and has set up more than 20 branches and subbranches in the countries along “the Belt and Road”. In December 2016, Bank of China set up a branch in Brunei providing full coverage of its services for the 10 ASEAN countries. As said on the signboard in the booth that “15 Years China-ASEAN Expo, 15Years Good Partners”, Bank of China, as the only bank in China that has been operating for more than 100 years and has the highest degree of internationalization and diversification, bears the responsibility of communicating with the world through its practical actions.
The activity of “Looking at the photos and guessing currencies” is still going on in full swing at the booth. The game players said that “This small game not only brings us fun, but is also meaningful for us to learn about the currencies of the 10 ASEAN countries.” (Hu Hanghua)
CAEXPO Secretariat 2018-09-15 12:21:26