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Do you want to soar in the sky like a bird, flying through the woods and over the valley, and overlooking the natural beauty of lakes and mountains? Do you want to board the space capsule for a glimpse of the vast universe? Do you want to board the X-wing starfighter, as if defending the universe peace in a sci-fi blockbuster? You can fulfill these dreamy experiences on a visit to the 2019 China-ASEAN Expo Light Industrial Exhibition.  
The 16th China-ASEAN Expo Light Industrial Exhibition was opened at Pavilion A of China South City Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of September 21. The China-ASEAN Expo Light Industrial Exhibition, which has been held for eight times, serves as a new platform for exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the light industry sector, providing new business opportunities for the bilateral development and cooperation.
Legions of visitors gathered at the exhibition areas shortly after the opening. This Light Industrial Exhibition features a wide variety of products with exotic cultural elements from many participating countries, especially new technologies and new equipment such as 5G and VR, which are major drawing cards among visitors and merchants.
“Wearing a pair of VR glasses, I feel I enter that environment, and my body will move accordingly. It’s awesome!” Pang Xinying was excited by the novel equipment on her first visit to the Light Industrial Exhibition with her mother, Ms. Huang.  
Pointing to the VR experience device “X-wing starfighter”, the aerospace products by JMDM Company, Ms. Huang said with a smile, “She has a third go at this device. She adores these things.” Pang Xinying visits the China-ASEAN Expo every year, but this is her first visit to the Light Industrial Exhibition. She is satisfied with this experience. She can experience new technology and is exposed to many novel things. “I will certainly come here next time!” with this, she couldn’t wait to ask Ms. Huang to accompany her to experience the next game.
The product experience zone of Huawei’s exhibition area is thronged with many visitors who come to experience 5G products and smart home appliances. Mr. Guan, a staff member, is busy making demonstrations to the visitors. He said that Huawei debuts products at the Light Industrial Exhibition for the first time. “The main reason for participating in the exhibition is that more people can understand 5G and our smart home products.” He was satisfied with the display achievements on the first day. “May visitors asked me what 5G is. 5G has many advantages, such as high speed, large capacity, low latency. This convenience is available for the public when 5G mobiles are commercialized.” (Su Xiaoye)
CAEXPO Secretariat 2019-09-24 11:17:24