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The China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China and its counterparts in the 10 ASEAN member states as well as the ASEAN Secretariat, and is organized by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Held annually in Nanning and having successfully concluded for 16 sessions so far, the CAEXPO has grown into an event of special international influence, playing a vital role in promoting friendly cooperation between China and ASEAN and implementing the Belt and Road Initiative. 
Theme of the 17th CAEXPO: Building the Belt and Road, Strengthening Digital Economy Cooperation
I. Date
November 27-30 (November 30 is the Public Open Day.) 
II. Exhibition Arrangement 
1. Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center (NICEC)
Exhibition Space: 104,000 m2
Address: No.106, Minzu Avenue 
Four Themes
(1) Trade in Goods
ASEAN Commodity Pavilions: food and beverage, consumer goods, bulky commodities, service products
Belt & Road and International Pavilion: foodstuffs, consumer goods, service products
China Commodity Pavilions: 
Machinery & Equipment: smart energy and electrical power equipment, engineering machinery and vehicles, food processing and packaging machinery
Electrical Appliances & Electronics: telecommunications equipment and smart system, smart household appliances, consumer electronics 
Building Materials: doors, windows and curtain walls, indoor decorative/ornamental materials 
Public Health & Epidemic Prevention: protective materials and production equipment, disinfection and sanitary products, software systems
Agriculture: green agricultural products and foodstuffs, tea and tea sets, ASEAN agro-based products and foodstuffs, e-commerce, etc.
(2) Investment Cooperation 
International Economic and Industrial Capacity Cooperation: international project contracting, labor cooperation, resource developing, energy developing, infrastructure construction, business inviting of industrial parks, industrial capacity cooperation in railway, non-ferrous metal and electric power
The 5th China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation Exhibition: accomplishments of China-ASEAN agricultural cooperation, modern agriculture demonstration parks, agricultural high-tech, investment projects, logistics and cold chain transportation
Environment Protection Cooperation: history of China-ASEAN ecological environment cooperation, achievements of ecological development, environmental protection and public ecological environment in Guangxi, solid waste treatment and resource recycling, ecological restoration, environment monitoring and detection,  noise and vibration control, energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources, equipment for environmental emergency 
The New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor: industrial parks, logistics services, port, infrastructure construction and other accomplishments of relevant Chinese provinces/municipality  
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: High-end equipment manufacturing, modern services and other cutting-edge industries in Hong Kong and Macao, accomplishments of transfer and relocation of industries in neighboring provinces
Investment in Guangxi: investment projects and prospects of central government-led enterprises, Greater Bay Area enterprises and private enterprises in Guangxi
China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone: policies on trade and investment facilitation, industrial clusters and business environment; experiences in leading the opening-up and cooperation between China and ASEAN; current achievements in industrial development and industry-city integration in Nanning, Qinzhou port and Chongzuo. 
Beibu Gulf International Gateway: development of ports, smart port facilities and services
(3) Advanced Technology
Bio-pharmaceutical, digital economy, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced manufacturing, smart cities, innovative technology in health industry, ASEAN innovative science and technology
(4) Trade in Services 
Financial services: RMB settlement, credit insurance, credit loans and other corporate finance services, FinTech, internet finance, finance for environmental protection, block chain service for cross-border finance and other financial innovations
Tourism services: city images, tourism cooperation projects, tourism information consulting 
III. Booth Rentals
Events and Venues Dates Booth Types Rentals
The 17th CAEXPO
November 27-30 Standard Booth  (3m×3m) USD 1,600/booth, or RMB 10,000/booth
Non-standard Booth
USD 1,280/booth, or RMB 8,000/booth
Indoor Raw Space (≥36m2) USD 160/m2, or RMB 1,000 /m2
Outdoor Raw Space (≥36m2) USD 80/m2, or RMB 500/m2
1. A standard booth is equipped with one fascia board with both Chinese and English name of the company, white laminated walls, information counter × 1no., folding chairs × 2nos, short spotlights ×2nos, 500W single phase socket × 1no., waste paper basket × 1no.and carpeting; 
2. No equipment is provided for raw space;
3. Maps are NOT recommended for booth decoration. In case of necessity, please use those approved by China National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation. Relevant booth decoration plan (including but not limited to the maps) shall be submitted to CAEXPO Secretariat for review and approval at least one month before the CAEXPO opens. 
IV. Booth Application 
1. Date: February 15–October 20, 2020
Remarks: It is set for the 17th CAEXPO only. For the series exhibitions or trade shows, please visit the CAEXPO official website.
2. Deadline for Booth Confirmation: October 30, 2020
The CAEXPO Secretariat will send the Letters of Booth Confirmation to applicants upon reviewing their qualification, and arrange booths for them accordingly. The CAEXPO Secretariat reserves the right to adjust booth arrangement. 
V. How to Apply?
1. For Exhibitors
(1) Apply directly with CAEXPO Secretariat;
(2) ASEAN companies shall apply with the CAEXPO Co-organizers in the ASEAN countries; 
(3) Chinese companies may apply with departments of commerce, or organizations/institutions authorized by the CAEXPO as Exhibitor Organizers in their provinces and cities;
(4) Dial +86-771—12345-9 / +86-771—12343, CAEXPO Hotline.
2. For Trade Visitors 
Please make application at the CAEXPO official website. Successful applicants approved by the CAEXPO Secretariat will enjoy complimentary pass-issuing and business-matching service.
Deadline for registration as trade visitor: November 15, 2020
VI. Our Resources for Inviting Trade Visitors 
1. Invitation via Big Data
With our own big data, targeted global trade visitors will be invited.
2. Invitation by CAEXPO Co-organizers and Supporting Chambers of Commerce 
Ministries of commerce/trade, CAEXPO Supporting Chambers of Commerce and national chamber of commerce and industry of China and the 10 ASEAN countries will jointly invite Chinese and ASEAN trade visitors to the event. 
3. Sideline Business-matching Programs 
More than 80 trade and investment promotion programs will be arranged for trade visitors and buying missions. 
VII. Value-added Services for Trade Visitors 
1. Target biz-matching Services: Individual trade visitors who register online before November 1 and grouped trade visitors will be offered free business and investment matching service. The CAEXPO Secretariat will arrange face-to-face business talks in line with your procurement intention and investment expectation. 
2. Information: Updated information on the CAEXPO and the latest market intelligence of China and ASEAN countries will be released at the CAEXPO official website, Weibo, Wechat and Facebook accounts.
3. Invitation to Nominated Buyers: The CAEXPO Secretariat will deliver invitation to those buyers nominated by the exhibitors and give those buyers subsidies in hotel accommodation.
4. Additional Incentives: International trade visitors who are approved by the CAEXPO Secretariat as qualified will enjoy additional incentives in hotel accommodation, priority in business matching activities and compliment of the CAEXPO Journal.
5. Exhibitor’s Rostrum: Complimentary venues will be provided for renowned companies to host project road shows and B2B meetings.
VIII. Privileges of International Trade Visitors (qualified by the CAEXPO Secretariat)
1. 2-night accommodation in the designated hotel, airport pickup service and transportation between hotel and CAEXPO venues;
2. Priority for business matching;
3. Survey trips to industrial parks and enterprises in Guangxi. 
IX. Supporting Services
Marketing & Exposure: full-fledged promotion campaign on your company by government media; 
Information Service: provide the latest market intelligence that helps you to seize business opportunities; 
Logistics & Customs Clearance: convenient and efficient transport and logistics services; 
Business Service: hotel information, flight ticket reservation, money exchange, business tour arrangement; 
Transportation: CAEXPO’s chartered flights between Nanning and major ASEAN cities; 
Pass-issuing: easy application through our online registration system. 
(Please visit www.caexpo.org, the CAEXPO official website, for more details.)
X. Contact Us 
China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat 
Service Hotline:+86-771-12345-9
For enterprises of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Booth Application:+86-771-2212501 (for engineering machinery), +86-771-2212076 (for food processing and packaging machinery), +86-771-2212079 (for smart energy and electric power equipment), +86-771-2212076 (for electronics and electrical appliances), +86-771-2212072 (for advance technology),  +86-771-2212087 (for building materials), +86-771-2212097 (for investment cooperation, trade in service), +86-771-2212078 (for CAEXPO Agriculture Exhibition, agricultural cooperation).
Trade Visitor’s Application:+86-771-2212092
Fax:  +86-771-2212501
For enterprises of the 10 ASEAN Countries 
Booth Application: 
Brunei Darussalam 
Tel: +673-2380999
Tel: +855-12-600778, +855-17-495091
Fax: +855-23-211745
Tel: +62-21-23528644
Fax: +62-21-23528654
E-mail: irwan.kurniawan@kemendag.go.id
Lao PDR:
Tel: +856-21-454771
Fax: +856-21-454771
E-mail: leebee_bp@yahoo.com
Tel: +603-62077077, +603-62077103
Fax: +603-62037255
E-mail: jia@matrade.gov.my
Tel: +95-67-430295/430477
Fax: +95-67-430128
E-mail: moctradefair@gmail.com
Tel: +632-831-2201, ext 254/255/277
Fax: +632-832-3965
E-mail: mldmediran@citem.com.ph
Tel: +65-6827-6850
Fax: +65-6827-6807
E-mail: alaxys.liu@sbf.org.sg
Tel: +66-2-5078376
Fax: +66-2-5474282
E-mail: asia.ditp@gmail.com
Tel: +84-243-9364792(116)
Fax: +84-243-9369491
E-mail: vinh.vietrade@gmail.com
Trade Visitor’s Application:
Tel: +86-771-2212075/2212083
Fax: +86-771-2212501
E-mail: ellenfengyi@163.com, lubing@caexpo.org
For more details, please visit the CAEXPO official website, http://www.caexpo.org  
Annex 1
CAEXPO Pavilions of Commodity Trade Featured Exhibits
I. ASEAN Pavilions (Halls 5-6, 13-14, Zone D, NICEC)
Food & Beverages 
Food: snack food, halal food, health care food, frozen/cold food, seasonings
Beverage: coffee, tea, wines, spirits & alcohol
Consumer Goods
Furniture: wood furniture, semi-finished furniture, components & parts
Household Products: consumer goods like detergents, body wash & care products, general household products and home decoration 
Arts & Crafts and Gifts & Premiums: wood handicrafts, arts, gifts, premiums
Jewelry & Jades: jades, precious stones, jewelry, accessories 
Bulky Commodities
Rice, rubber, palm oil and other raw materials (image display)
Tourism, education, science & technology, finance, investment, advisory and consulting service
II. Belt & Road and International Pavilion (Chinese Hibiscus Hall; Halls 14-15, Zone D, NICEC)
Snacks, health care food, seasonings 
Consumer Goods
Wood furniture, wood handicrafts
Home supplies: consumer goods, home decorations, children baby maternity products 
Handicrafts, arts & crafts, gifts, premiums 
Culture, tourism, science & technology, investment, advisory and consulting service 
III. Chinese Electronics & Electrical Appliances (Hall 8, Zone D, NICEC)
Telecommunications Equipment & Intelligence System: robot, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), 3D printing technology, VR/AR equipment, intelligence software, big data equipment and service for meteorology, smart security equipment, e-commerce platforms 
Smart Household Appliances & Consumer Electronics: energy saving appliances, smart electronics
IV. Chinese Food Processing & Packaging Machinery (Hall 7, Zone D, NICEC)
Processing Machinery: processing equipment of aquatic products, beverage, meat, rice & noodle, dairy products, tea leaves, vegetable & fruit
Packaging Machinery: packaging equipment, sealing / wrapping / labeling / coding equipment 
General Machinery: drying, sterilizing, crushing, homogenizing, refrigerating, mixing equipment
Large Commercial Kitchen Equipment: deep-frying machines, ice cream machines, coffee machines, cooking vehicle, juice blenders 
V. Chinese Building Materials (Hall 2, Zone D, NICEC)
Doors, Windows & Curtain Wall: energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors/windows, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum composite panels, aluminum ceilings, light partition walls
Indoor Decorative/ornamental Materials: stone floorings and walls, kitchen and bathroom wares, ceramics, environmental coatings
VI. Chinese Smart Energy & Electric Power Equipment (Zone E, NICEC)
Power Generating Equipment: solar/wind/water/nuclear energy power generating equipment 
Power Transmission/Distribution/Transformation Equipment: power substation, transformers, stabilizers, capacitors, mutual inductors, wires and cables and relevant instruments
Complete Equipment & Electrical Components: power generation and control equipment, electric control equipment, automatic equipment, electricians’ equipment, electric components, fittings and parts of electrical appliances
New Energy-driven Technology & Application: solar /wind /biomass energy, energy-saving and emission-cutting technologies & applications, LED energy-saving lighting fixtures 
VII. Chinese Engineering Machinery & Vehicles (outdoor exhibition area, NICEC)
Engineering Machinery: digging machines, road machinery, blending/mixing machine, loading machine, forklift truck, hoisting machine, parts/accessories, service providers
Vehicles: engineering vehicles, pick-ups, vans, passenger vehicles, semitrailer tractor, parking facilities
Port/Harbor Logistics Machinery: warehousing machinery & equipment, sorting machinery, hoists, conveyor system (smart transmission equipment) 
VIII. Public Health & Epidemic Prevention (Hall 1, Zone B, NICEC)
Protective materials and production equipment, disinfecting & cleaning/sanitizing supplies, software systems
IX. Agriculture (Hall 9-10, 12, Zone D, NICEC)
Green agricultural products and foodstuffs, tea and tea sets, ASEAN agro-based products and foodstuffs, e-commerce, etc.
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