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Trust is the underlying thread running through the CAEXPO in the past 16 years. It is through the “Nanning channel” that the CAEXPO has added splendor to China-ASEAN cooperation in multiple fields and created a beautiful landscape of regional cooperation.
We strive to hold high-level forums with high quality in the CAEXPO, 17 years into its launching. While cutting the number of forums to be held, we will focus on the outcomes of the forums and work hard to improve their quality. With less yet better forums, we aim to add more substance to China-ASEAN cooperation in multiple fields. 

Extensive Fields, High levels, Fruitful Outcomes
At the beginning, only the Exhibition and Business and Investment Summit were held each time; in the 4th CAEXPO, nine ministerial forums in different fields were organized; and in the 16th CAEXPO, more than 30 forums were hosted. In this process, the CAEXPO has helped built the unique “Nanning Channel” for the all-round, multi-level, broad cooperation between China and ASEAN.
Extensive fields. In the past 16 years, the CAEXPO held more than 200 meetings and forums, covering more than 40 fields including tourism, customs, inspection and quarantine, finance, port, logistics, culture, science and technology, education, health, leading to cooperation mechanism covering multiple fields. 
High levels. The series of high-level meetings and forums under the CAEXPO framework are all hosted by government ministries of China and ASEAN countries, leading organizations in their specific fields, or international organizations.  VIPs at and above the ministerial level, well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars are invited. On September 11, 2017, the then Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and the then First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, jointly attended and addressed the first China-Kazakhstan Local Cooperation Forum. 
Fruitful outcomes. These high-level meetings and forums have helped the landing of major projects such as the China-ASEAN Information Harbor, the China-ASEAN Port Cities Cooperation Network, and the China-ASEAN Entrepreneurs’ Federation. The China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Financial Cooperation and Development, which has been held for 10 consecutive years, has facilitated a number of financial institutions to set up their cross-border RMB business centers and ASEAN currency business center, launched an RMB exchange rate index against ASEAN currencies, and consolidated the “Nanning Channel” for China-ASEAN cooperation.
Fine and Substantive Events will Promote Steady and Deepened Cooperation in Various Sectors
If the previous sessions of the CAEXPO were characterized by diverse and comprehensive forums and other events, “fine” and “substantive” will be the key words for the activities in the 17th CAEXPO. By focusing on pooling competitive resources in key fields and pursuing perfection, we will work hard for the steady and deepened cooperation between China and ASEAN in various sectors.
It is reported that nine high-level forums will be held in the CAEXPO this time, covering China-ASEAN FTA, health, international industrial production, technology transfer, information harbor, statistics, insurance, electricity, and finance. These events will promote the building and improvement of cooperation mechanisms in various fields, the landing of key projects and achieve fruitful outcomes.
In the series of high-level forums in the 17th CAEXPO, we will work hard to make them more practical and professional. We will come up with new ways in holding events and continue with permanent brand events. The forums will be more focused in particular areas. For example, the health forum will discuss cooperation on disease prevention and control, stomatology, traditional medicine. We will continue to hold permanent forums such as the Forum on China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation and the China-ASEAN Summit Forum on Financial Cooperation and Development. In response to Covid-19, the organizers will introduce a new combination of online and offline interaction in the forums. The Online CAEXPO is expected will bring China-ASEAN cooperation in varies fields onto a new level.
The 3rd China-ASEAN Forum on Health Cooperation Towards a Health Silk Road is of far-reaching significance. The upcoming CAEXPO will act on Statement of the Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). On top of the main forum, the Health Cooperation Forum will have six sub-forums—Disease Prevention and Control Cooperation Forum, Forum on International Exchange and Cooperation on Stomatology, Traditional Medicine Forum, Hospital Management Cooperation Forum, Health Emergency Cooperation Forum, and Food Safety and Nutrition Health Cooperation Forum, and work for the establishment of a regional international cooperation mechanism for epidemic disease prevention and control. Among them, the Disease Prevention and Control Cooperation Forum will have extensive exchanges on epidemic surveillance, prevention and control strategies, prevention and control technologies, information sharing, and new issues and new challenges of Covid-19 and other major infectious diseases.

The China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum will serve China-ASEAN digital economy cooperation. As 2020 happens to be the China-ASEAN Digital Economy Cooperation Year, the 4th China-ASEAN Information Harbor Forum will have seven sub-forums, including: a summit on artificial intelligence, an AI culture and education development forum, a forum on digital new ecology and industry, an Information Harbor digital silk road and industrial cooperation forum, a Beidou application and industrial development cooperation forum, a 5G network construction and application forum, and a Silk Road e-commerce forum. Participants will focus their discussion on the construction of the five platforms of the China-ASEAN Information Harbor, and the Digital Silk Road, and envisage a bright future of regional digital economic cooperation.

The series of high-level forums under the CAEXPO framework this year will always focus on the key and hot issues in China-ASEAN cooperation. The upcoming CAEXPO will continue with some permanent events and come up with new ideas. While enriching China-ASEAN cooperation, it will enhance China-ASEAN strategic partnership and help it take root in various fields.
CAEXPO Secretariat 2020-11-20 20:12:48