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The 6th China-ASEAN Statistics Forum was held in Nanning, Guangxi on November 27 supported by the 17th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit.

As a high-level forum within the framework of the China-ASEAN Expo, the China-ASEAN Statistics Forum is hosted by the National Bureau of Statistics and the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and co-organized by the International Statistics Information Center and Office (Department of International Cooperation) of the National Bureau of Statistics, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Bureau of Statistics, Survey Office of NBS China in Guangxi, and Guangxi International Expositions Bureau. Having been held for 5 editions since its inception in 2015, China-ASEAN Statistics Forum has attracted great attention with increasing influence, and been praised by all sectors of society.

With the theme of “Deepen China-ASEAN Cooperation and Exchange in Statistics”, this Forum carried out discussions on the topic of “Practice on Population Census and Demographic Surveys”. Ning Jizhe, Director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, pointed out in his speech that the year 2020 is the year of census worldwide, and China and some ASEAN countries have conducted censuses. A sound population census helps countries and regions to have a full knowledge of the total population, population structure, distribution, etc., and provide important support for formulating scientific development strategies and issuing sound population development policies. ASEAN countries have conducted useful explorations and practices in improving census methods and census work. Upholding the principles of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness, we stand ready to take advantage of this Forum to foster bilateral or multilateral exchanges with government statisticians and institutions of ASEAN countries in such areas as standard formulation, research on methodology, technological transformation, and informatization; carry out exchanges and technical consultation on census business, learn from each other’s experience, share the new achievements of various countries in census development, and build a closer China-ASEAN cooperation relationship on statistics.

Qin Rupei, Executive Vice Chairman of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said in his speech that the 6th China-ASEAN Statistics Forum is the largest, highest-level forum with the most participating countries, in which China and all ASEAN countries participated for the first time. By playing host to this Forum, Guangxi gave full play to its unique location advantages and its role as a bridge, went all out to ensure the services, and promoted the open and innovative development of statistics in China and ASEAN, contributing to the long-term friendly cooperation between China and ASEAN.

This Forum was held online and offline. It was attended by more than 110 guests including high-level statistics officials and experts from ASEAN member countries, the Statistics Division of the ASEAN Secretariat, the statistical agencies of the Chinese government, as well as representatives of relevant departments in Guangxi. At this Forum, Ning Jizhe delivered a keynote speech entitled China’s Seventh National Population Census Practice, introducing the practices and experience in implementing the seventh national population census. Representatives of ASEAN countries shared online the overview of their respective national census as well as innovative measures and experience in population statistics and surveys. The in-depth discussions and exchanges provided useful experience and reference for national population census. Sheng Laiyun, Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, chaired the Opening Ceremony and gave the concluding remarks.
The publications for this Forum compiled were fruitful. China cooperated with ASEAN countries in editing and publishing the Chinese and English versions of the Statistical Yearbook of China-ASEAN 2020, and produced the logo and promotional video for this Forum.
The Forum coincided with the opening of China Statistical Library in Guangxi (Guangxi Statistical Information Museum). A large number of China-ASEAN statistical materials are cleared up and collected in the Museum, which provides strong data support for researching Chinese and ASEAN history and promoting China-ASEAN cooperation and communication.
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