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The China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone Promotion Conference was held in Nanning on the afternoon of November 27. With the theme of “Energetic CFTZ (Guangxi), Sharing Innovation Achievements”, the Conference aims to release the policy dividends, platform resources and institutional innovation achievements of CFTZ (Guangxi), pursue cooperative development, and share business opportunities in free trade.

Zhang Xiaoqin, Commander of the Office of the Construction Headquarters of the CFTZ (Guangxi), Deputy Director of the Standing Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional People’s Congress, pointed out in his speech that it is an important mission and distinctive feature of the CFTZ (Guangxi) to serve the local Chinese parties to participate in China-ASEAN open cooperation, RCEP and the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. ASEAN is China’s largest trading partner and an important link for Guangxi to promote dual circulation and create dual chains. Guangxi is striving to build channels and platforms, and gather elements to provide better services for Chinese enterprises to foster cooperation with ASEAN. Based on the CFTZ (Guangxi), Guangxi will integrate into the “dual circulation” development pattern to share new opportunities. Centering on institutional innovation, the CFTZ (Guangxi) will be more open and flexible in terms of investment, trade, finance, and regional cooperation; highlight the technological innovation to create new development drivers, and forge strategic emerging industries and advantageous industrial clusters; build a high-quality public platform for international cooperation and advance the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor in West China; build “one center, one platform, one chain” to form an open place where regional high-quality resources and elements gather, and a favorable place for the innovative, open modern service industry.

Chen Hong, Deputy Director-General of the Free Trade Zone (Port) Construction Coordination Department of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, pointed out in his speech that since the establishment of the CFTZ (Guangxi) more than one year ago, the CFTZ (Guangxi) has fully implemented the Party Central Committee’s requirements for forging a new strategic fulcrum to achieve the open development in Southwest China and South Central China based on the new mission of the “Three Orientations” endowed by the Party Central Committee to Guangxi. Guangxi begins to see achievements in the reform and construction and has forged a new favorable area for Guangxi’s opening and cooperation. The successful signing of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will bring unprecedented strategic opportunities to Guangxi, which is adjacent to ASEAN countries. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce will step up support, and fully implement the new concept of development to support the CFTZ (Guangxi) to meet the requirements of the dual circulation development pattern and realize high-quality economic development based on the strategic positioning set forth by the central government and its own advantages.

Lv Kejian, Vice President of the Chinese Association for Japanese Economic Studies, former Minister of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, former Director of the Department of Asian Affairs of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and Member of the Advisory Committee of the CFTZ (Guangxi), delivered a speech entitled “Seizing New Opportunities for Open Cooperation and Striving to Become the Pioneering Pilot Zone for RCEP”. He pointed out that RCEP will bring opportunities for Guangxi to capitalize on its geographical advantages, open wider through two-way connectivity, and forge a cross-border industrial chain geared to ASEAN. The CFTZ (Guangxi) must be integrated into the RCEP, focus on the institutional innovation, perform differentiated exploration, foster a new development pattern with the domestic circulation as the mainstay and the domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other, and promote the advanced industrial base and the modernized industrial chain.
Jiang Liansheng, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Director of the Department of Commerce of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and Director of the Regional Free Trade Office, said at the Conference that the CFTZ (Guangxi) has always pursued experiments for national institutional innovation, promoted the upgrading of Guangxi’s reform and opening up, facilitated enterprise development, and promoted the pioneering pilot reform and the gathering of resource elements in the CFTZ (Guangxi). Guangxi has now delivered a more convenient and efficient government service environment, more free environment for investment and entrepreneurship, optimized business environment, and favorable policy for businesses. Guangxi has issued a host of “policy packages” to help attract business investment in the CFTZ (Guangxi). The Policy on Supporting the High-Quality Development of the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone introduced 6 types of preferential policies for enterprises, regardless of domestic and foreign investment, type of ownership, or type of enterprise; the Regulations on the China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and stipulate that the regulations are generally applicable in various areas according to the principle of “policy as favorable as possible”. To honor government commitments, the CFTZ (Guangxi) is implementing the mechanisms of seeking individuals and enterprises for service through funding and policies and is formulating the detailed rules to ensure that enterprises have full treatment in a timely and convenient manner.
Jiang Liansheng pointed out that the CFTZ (Guangxi) is an open platform that has a high level of openness, great autonomy for reform, and strong functions of integration. It is an important engine for Guangxi to release its potential of opening-up and nurture new advantages in open cooperation. As China moves faster to adopt the dual circulation development pattern and the RCEP was signed, Guangxi will usher in new major historical opportunities for development. We sincerely welcome investors from all over the world to engage in business in the CFTZ (Guangxi), share the business opportunities presented by China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and the RCEP, jointly forge a safe and efficient cross-border industrial chain, and jointly build the portal area for open banking geared to ASEAN and a favorable land for digital economy geared to ASEAN.

At the Conference, Tan Meigui, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Nanning Area, CFTZ (Guangxi); Wang Xiongchang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Qinzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the Qinzhou Port Area, CFTZ (Guangxi); and Jiang Honglin, Vice Mayor of Chongzuo City, made promotion to attract investment based on the respective area’s leading industries.
The offline promotion conference was attended by more than 200 people including the representatives of the consulates of ASEAN countries in Nanning, chambers of commerce, Fortune 500 firms, China’s Top 500 firms, and other key enterprises, as well as Members of the CFTZ (Guangxi) and the main leaders of the three Areas.
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