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The 17th China-ASEAN Expo

I. Dates & Time for Booth Setup & Tear-down
Booth Setup
November 19th-21st 08:30—17:30 Move-in of large-sized building materials
November 22nd-24th 08:30—17:30 Move-in of exhibits and exhibition equipment
November 25th 08:30—24:00
 November 26th since 00:00 until the opening ceremony begins  security check for the whole day
Booth Tear-down
November 30th 17:30—24:00  
December 1st 08:30—18:00  

II. Regulations and Rules on Booth Setup & Tear-down

(I) A standard booth (3mX3m) is equipped with one (1) fascia board, three sides white laminated walls (booths at corners are equipped with 2 walls and 2 fascia boards), information counter×1no., folding chairs×2nos, short spotlights×2nos, 5A/220V socket×1no., waste paper basket×1no. and carpeting. (See Annex 4)

(II) Custom-built booths: No equipment is included.
Contractors of custom-built booths shall submit all needed documents on line at https://cip.caexpo.org/ before November 10th,2020 for examination and approval. (See Annex 1)

(III) Other regulations

1. The maximum load of the booth shall be within the limit of bearing capacity of the exhibition halls (see Annex 5). Neither a lifting point nor a second-floor structure is allowed in your booth. The vertical projection of the exhibits and the decorative articles shall not exceed your booth. For Section B, the maximum height of the booth decoration is 6m, and those that are higher than 4.5m should be less than 2/3 of the total area of the booth; For Section DE, the maximum height of the booth decoration is 6.5m, and those that are higher  than 4.5m should be less than 2/3 of the total area of the booth (Note: the maximum height of the decorations of booths against walls in  Hall shall not exceed 4.5m).

2. The Contractor shall designate field supervisor(s), submit design and construction drawings of a custom-built booth to the CAEXPO Secretariat for review and approval and pay deposits for site work. Once approved, the area occupied by the booth shall NOT be altered by the exhibitor or his or her appointed contractor.

3. Without approval, exhibitors are not allowed to dismantle, amend, destroy or deface the existing buildings or all permanent facilities. The floor and walls as well as the wall panels of shell schemes shall not be nailed or holed.

4. Without approval, exhibitors shall not move the  in-booth  facilities and electrical appliances out of their booths.

5. For overtime construction, the exhibitor and the Contractor shall file application via the CAEXPO official website (https://cip. caexpo.org/) before 16:00 each day for permission and pay extra service fees (RMB 1000/hour/booth). Otherwise, they will be charged penalties  by RMB 2000/hour/booth. The penalties will also apply to those who refuse to stop construction or move out their construction materials as requested by the organizer.

6. After the conclusion of the CAEXPO, all people shall leave the exhibition halls. Upon security check, exhibitors with valid Pass for booth tear-down may enter the exhibition halls. (Note: During security check period, one staff of one exhibiting company can remain at the booth to take care of exhibits. But he/she will be asked to leave the halls, if he/she doesn't stay at his/her booth.)

7. During the tear-down period, an exhibitor and his or her appointed contractor shall take good care of their own exhibits and construction tools. Tear-down work, for a custom-built booth or an enhanced standard booth, shall be completed before 18:00 of December  1st. Otherwise, the exhibits and materials will be removed by the organizer, and service fees will be deducted from the deposits (RMB 1000/36m2, RMB 1000 in minimum).

8. The tear-down work shall be examined by the organizer. A certificate with signature of our supervisor will be given. The deposits will be refunded in full to the contractor without any violating actions within one month dated from December 2nd.

9. Environmental-friendly materials are strongly recommended for booth building and decoration. (Please see Annex 7 for solutions)

10.The Exhibition Management & Customer Service Center is the supervisor of the booth construction of the CAEXPO, which will inspect and monitor the whole process of construction and impose punishment to those who violate the rules and regulations.

1. The China-ASEAN Expo Requirements for Construction of Custom-built Booths
2. The 17th China-ASEAN Expo List of Booth Construction Workers
3. China-ASEAN Expo Letter of Authorization for Contractor of Custom-built Booths
4. Renderings of Shell Scheme Booth
5. Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center Technical Facts of Exhibition Halls
6. The 17th China-ASEAN Expo Application Form for Renting Exhibition Equipment
7. Solutions for Environment-friendly Booth Set-up Materials