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The important note

The 15th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 12th-15th,2018 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 15th,2018(Public Day)


  • Question1.2018-08-08

    How to apply for the CAEXPO visitors?


    The application of CAEXPO visitors have two methods: (1) Apply online. Log on the official website(http://eng.caexpo.org), then download and fill the “Visitor Application” form, after that send to sevice10@caexpo.org. (2) On-site registration. During the CAEXPO, visitors go to the On-site registration hall(ZONE A: Pass Center), then show the passport and business card to get the free visitor card.

    Response time:2018-08-09

  • Question2.2018-08-05

    How is the process of online registration for CAEXPO visitors?


    The process of online registration for CAEXPO visitors is: first of all, visitors shall log on the official website: http://eng.caexpo.org, then download the “Visitor Application form” and fill it, finally, send the form to the email: service10@caexpo.org. The CAEXPO Secretariat will check the information later. And if the visitors pass the checking, they could get the visitor card.

    Response time:2018-08-06

  • Question3.2018-08-02

    When is the deadline for the online visitor application?


    The deadline for the online visitor application is on August 31th.

    Response time:2018-08-03

  • Question4.2018-08-01

    How much is applying for the CAEXPO visitor card?


    (1) For online application: If the visitors pass the checking of the CAEXPO Secretariat, the visitor card is for free. (2) For On-site registration: If the visitors are come from overseas, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan regions or keep the CAEXPO invitation, they could apply the visitor card for free; if the visitors are from domestic, they need to pay a certain nominal fee.

    Response time:2018-08-02

  • Question5.2018-07-27

    What are the rules of applying for the CAEXPO visitor card?


    In principle, each enterprise could apply three CAEXPO visitor cards.

    Response time:2018-07-28

  • Question6.2018-07-23

    How to retrieve the password of the earlier CAEXPO visitors?


    The process of retrieving the Password is: The earlier CAEXPO visitor should get its User Name and Contact Information from the customer service representative, and log on the Home page of official website, then click the “forget password”.

    Response time:2018-07-24

  • Question7.2018-07-18

    What materials should provide for getting the CAEXPO visitor card?


    Getting the CAEXPO visitor card should provide: the Print Passport with official seal, Company Business License Copy with official seal, the business card, and the passport.

    Response time:2018-07-19

  • Question8.2018-07-12

    Whether the ordinary citizens could take part in the CAEXPO?


    The ordinary citizens could take part in the CAEXPO in the Public Open Day by virtue of buying the CAEXPO tickets in advance.

    Response time:2018-07-13

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