The 14th CAEXPO will be held on

Sep 12th-15th,2017 8:30-17:00(Trade Days)

Sep. 15th,2017(Public Day)

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When is beginning of 2017 China-ASEAN Expo Tourism Exhibition?
Response: The China-ASEAN Expo Tourism Exhibition will be held at Guilin International Conference & Exhibition Center on October 11th -13th, 2017. Time:2017-09-29



How to register exhibitors online for CAEXPO?
Response: The process of registering exhibitors for CAEXPO is: first of all, exhibitors shall log on the official website:, then click on the on-line registration and fill in the form, finally, submits the form. The CAEXPO Secretariat will check the company information later. And after the company information passes the checking, the exhibitors could fill the “Booth Application” form.  Time:2017-06-05



How to arrange the booths of CAEXPO, whether the exhibitors can be chosen by themselves?
Response: All the booths of CAEXPO are arranged by the CAEXPO Secretariat. So far, there are not accepting the requirements of exhibitors to choose the booths.  Time:2017-06-04



What are the configurations of the CAEXPO booths?
Response: The configurations of the CAEXPO booths are: (1) A standard booth is equipped with one fascia board with both Chinese and English name of the company, three sides white laminated walls, information counter × 1no., folding chairs × 2nos,short spotlights ×2nos, 500W single phase socket × 1no., waste paper basket × 1no.and carpeting; (2) No equipment is provided for net space. Time:2017-06-03



What are the qualifications required for the registration?
Response: The qualification requirements for the exhibitors in China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) are:  First of all, the exhibitors’ exhibits need to conform to the pavilion of the CAEXPO; second, exhibitors must have a legal business qualification; finally, the registered capital for the exhibitors should up to 1 million RMB of above, or the exhibitors have import and export qualification.   Time:2017-06-02



What are the incentive policies for booking booths of CAEXPO?
Response: CAEXPO have different incentive policies for exhibitors according to different registration methods: (1) Exhibitors who directly register with the CAEXPO Secretariat are entitled to a discount of 20% of standard booth rentals, if they meet one of the terms as follows:  ① Register before May 30th, 2017; ② Participate in the CAEXPO for 2 or more times; ③ Brand enterprises with famous trademarks or brand products accredited by national-level authorized agencies. The above incentives could not be used on cumulative basis.(2)For other incentive policies, please consult the relevant departments or institutions, which are authorized by the CAEXPO. Time:2017-06-01



When is the registration for the CAEXPO?
Response: The date of the exhibitors’ registration is: March 1st – July 31th, 2017.  Time:2017-05-31



How to register for the CAEXPO?
Response: The registration of CAEXPO has three methods: (1)Register with the CAEXPO Secretariat directly(Online registration); (2)ASEAN companies may register with the CAEXPO Co-organizers in the ASEAN countries; (3)Chinese companies may register with departments of commerce or institutions authorized by the CAEXPO as Exhibitor Organizers in their provinces and cities. Time:2017-05-30
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