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With the expectation to open the ASEAN market by attending CAEXPO, we did find the true partner we want. That is the strongest feeling of Li Zhiming, President of Guangzhou Wide Industrial Co. Ltd, who takes part in the expo for the first time.

Journalist (J): What do you expect to gain from your first CAEXPO?

Li Zhiming (L): We want to establish relations with air conditioner makers of Southeast Asia to develop the sales channel in that area. Second we want to provide more services to Southeast Asia in the field of energy saving central air conditioning on the basis of the bilateral technological cooperation.

J: Do you want to open the ASEAN market through CAEXPO?

L: Yes, since we specialize in research, development and production of energy efficient air conditioners, we do want to take the advantage of CAEXPO to access to Southeast Asia, that is to say, to have users of Southeast Asia to know more about us through CAEXPO.

J: Did you have cooperation with ASEAN countries?

L: Few except Singapore. We hope to develop Indonesia and Malaysia through the 8th CAEXPO, because companies of these two countries have shown strong interests in our company at the event.

J: Out of the various contents of the 8th CAEXPO, what are you most interested in?

L: We care more for technology. Since we specialize in central air conditioners, first we need to introduce our products to builders or professionals in building of ASEAN by presenting our advanced technology.

J: What is your overall impression of the 8th CAEXPO?

L: I find the event has drawn a large number of visitors and the exhibits are rich and varied, producing good outcome. The fair is also very professional, with many professionals, no matter buyers, technicians or companies, come to visit our booth specifically. We will come again next year if there is the chance.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

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