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The 15th CAEXPO will be held on:

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Sep. 15th,2018(Public Day)


Manager of Guilin Wenjiejia Trade Co. Ltd

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“We all know that CAEXPO is a grand event with great influence, so we like to take this advantage to promote our products and the environmental protection means a lot to our life,” said Li Yuping, Manager of Guilin Wenjiejia Trade Co.Ltd, stressing the importance of environmental protection.

Journalist (J): It is the first time you attend the event, what is your biggest gain in your expectation?

Li Yuping (L): The greatest hope is to get more people aware the healthy concept, we make a promotion and our products will be promoted, some of the ASEAN companies contacted us for cooperation.

J: What are you going to do to develop the market?

L: By specialized knowledge, we introduced the products to our clients. We have brought with us some high end products that could raise the quality of life. For example, the pipeless system, which is low in cost, 65 watt at most, and the least is 35 watt, so the spending for 24 hours is only 0.12 yuan, that is very low carbon to many families.

J: Environmental protection cooperation is the theme of the year of the 8th CAEXPO, what is your opinion?

L: That is a common topic for all people in the world. Our products are made taking this into account, so we are trying to create a good awareness in this regard.

J: What is it that satisfies you most of the 8th CAEXPO?

L: Since we are engaged in environment products, so we pay more heed to such areas, I  personally care for education, because the spreading of knowledge relies on education.

J: What is your overall impression of the event?

L: It is very good, since it covers all respects of our life. We have noticed the advanced technology and concept in all fields presented at the event. We have got much useful information this time.

J: What in your view should be done to start the China-ASEAN environmental protection efforts?

L: To work with ASEAN, we must promote some green products there, as well as the concept, we should be patient and do it slowly.

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