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“Via CAEXPO, we can know each other with ASEAN companies, for communication and cooperation in future, that is what we expect,” said Lu Weixiong, President of Binhai International Equity Exchange, when jointly interviewed by the Press, adding that with the further cooperation in regional finance, ASEAN market will be developed.

Journalist (J): What expectation do you have for the 8th CAEXPO?

Lu Weixiong (L): As an intermediary of financing and integration, we hope that we can get closer to local markets through CAEXPO, a very big platform. We have now learnt more about the needs of enterprises of China and ASEAN, and it is attributed to CAEXPO.

J: Do you have any financing case for helping Chinese companies to develop in ASEAN?

L: We set up a financial institution in Yunnan this year, that is why I come here to attend the CAEXPO, to get connection with renowned investment agencies in ASEAN countries and form strategic partnership, We also hope to establish in Nanning such a body to widen the channel for financing.

J: What has made you the most satisfied by the 8th CAEXPO?

L: I believe the event is a great success in terms of organization, design of theme, and gets very close to the domestic and international situations. The contents are very practical where we have got many useful data.

J: What impressed you most by the 8th CAEXPO?

L: I was impressed by the warm atmosphere and the scene of bustling and excitement. All of the people concerned are in a high mood and get what they want.

J: Financing is the biggest bottleneck for most small and medium sized enterprises, what has your company done in this regard?

L: Our exchange is a platform for information and service of investment and financing, with many partners, from many industries, so we are very strong in capability and we can help enterprises to find the paths they will go on, and help them to get the modes for financing which comply with the current situations, and the transaction is at low cost.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

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