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Chairman of Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce

Time:2011-10-23 08:49:00


“We hope that by City of Charm, more green hotels, more green food of Thailand will be promoted,”said Mr. Chatchai Kosavisutte, Chairman of Khon Kaen Chamber of Commerce, adding that the Pavilion of City of Charm at the 8th CAEXPO has advanced the tourism cooperation between China and ASEAN.

Journalist (J): What is your biggest gain out of CAEXPO?

Mr.Chatchai Kosavisutte (C): I am very happy to have opportunity to present Khon Kaen in Guangxi. Khon Kaen and Nanning are sister cities, sharing one feature: green city.

J: Could you introduce the City of Charm of Thailand at the 8th CAEXPO?

C: This year is the 84th birthday of our king, so Khon Kaen has planted 8400 orchid trees, it is also the national flower of Thailand. Each March and April is the flower season, the three big orchid trees in the pavilion of City of Charm is the epitome of Khon Kaen. In industry we pay attention to environmental protection by making industrial park a green one.

J: Do you think whether the pavilion of City of Charm will promote the tourism?

C: Yes, I hope more green hotels and green food of Thailand can be promoted through City of Charm.

J: What is your opinion of City of Charm of other countries?

C: The other 10 Cities of Charm are different but they have shown their best, so I think totally it is good. Now people around the world are all protecting the environment, so I hope we can do better in this sector with China as the leader.

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