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The 16th CAEXPO will be held on:

Sep 21st-24th,2019 8:30-17:00 (Trade Days)

Sep. 24th,2019(Public Day)


Gao Hongjun, Marketing Director of Hawtai Motor

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“It is difficult for us to have such a platform to present the products to all the 10 ASEAN countries and the world but CAEXPO has made it, to place all the booths at the gate and invite guests from all over the world,” said Gao Hongjun, Marketing Director of Hawtai Motor, in an interview, adding that CAEXPO is a good platform for going out and coming in for both sides.

Journalist (J): Is it the first time Hawtai Motor attends CAEXPO? What impresses you most at the event?

Gao Hongjun (G): Yes, it is the first time. I am much impressed by the input by all related government agencies because in many of the business talks government departments have played an important and leading role.

J: What do you expect to get from the 8th CAEXPO?

G: We present our products to the ASEAN and other countries. On the afternoon of Oct 21, we concluded an agreement with Malaysia on building a motor industrial cooperative park. According to the agreement, we will make a joint venture in Beijing such a park, which will focus on new model and development of new energy automobiles. And Chinese consumers can buy ASEAN-made cars through the park, and our products can be sold to the world through this park.

J: What is the outcome of your exhibition?

G: Better than expected. Originally we just wanted to publicize our brand names only, but the sales is very good, with five orders placed on the first day, and many ASEAN clients have shown great interests.

J: Through the 8th CAEXPO, what ASEAN countries have you decided to make cooperation with?

G: The countries with big demand of autos, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and our products will have more cooperation with ASEAN through CAEXPO.

J: The 8th CAEXPO has many contents, which is the most attractive in your view?

G: I think it is the platform which meets the needs of China and ASEAN, and the promotion of technology and trade, which can be converted into commercialization between the two sides.

J: With so many fairs available, what is the biggest difference of CAEXPO with other peers?

G: In a word, a stage of China, a stand of the world, that is the biggest gain. It is very difficult for us to have such a good platform, otherwise we need to make tours to achieve the results so the event is very satisfactory by gathering products and customers.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

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