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Deputy General Manager of Explore Madagascar Co. Ltd

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Wang Yi, Deputy General Manager of Explore Madagascar Co. Ltd, preferred the high popularity of CAEXPO, on Oct 22, when he was received a joint interview by Press, he said that to attend CAEXPO means more opportunity for introducing Madagascar.

Journalist (J): Is this the first you attend CAEXPO?

Wang Yi (W): Yes, but as an exhibitor, no, because I came last year as a guest. I am very honored to be here to introduce what a pure and primitive place Madagascar for traveling. The tourist condition for Madagascar is very favorable, and the arrival is visa free, if you have flight ticket ready, you can go there anytime, that is much superior to other countries. In recent years, there are large numbers of outbound travelers from China and that is why I attend the event, because I want to get more people to know about Madagascar, a country with special way of life. 

J: What is your gain out of the 8th CAEXPO?

W: More people have come to know about Madagascar. Like this morning, we were very honored to have Governor Ma Biao in our booth, who has shown great interest in our special products. The products are very special but now they can be presented to more people at CAEXPO.

J: I know at the 8th CAEXPO you have made some initial contacts with ASEAN, what will you do in future to strengthen the cooperation?

W: Different places have their own characteristics, Southeast Asia is unique in its tropical flavor, and Madagascar has its own features in terms of people, culture and landscapes, but we can work with each other taking advantage of the differences.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

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