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President of UK Chinese Business Association

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“This platform enables us to know what commodities enjoy bigger market so that we can make sure the goods we can invest and seek cooperation.” Xu Kuaile, president of UK Chinese Business Association told the reporter of the 8th China-ASEAN Expo that the exposition was the destination to seek the investment partners.

Journalist: This is your first attendant at the Expo, what’s your expectation of it?

Xu Kuaile: This is my first time to attend CAEXPO. Before coming here, we have already evaluated benefit that the CAEXPO can bring us, so we, together with investors from England and Hong Kong come here for business opportunities.

Journalist:  What kind of business opportunity are you going to seek for your members at this CAEXPO?

Xu Kuaile: Many members of the UK Chinese Business Association are investors of high-tech products, so we come here for the like opportunities.

Journalist:  Many projects at this Expo are very interesting. Which one impresses you the most?

Xu Kuaile: Organic agriculture and farm produce.

Journalist: in your opinion, which part is the most satisfactory part in the Expo?

Xu Kuaile: The most satisfactory part is a lot of provinces’ attendance in this Expo , and we can visit ASEAN pavilions of other countries to learn about their products. This enables us to believe that the Expo creates a great platform for cooperation on which we can find business opportunity to make sure the commodities to invest in and look for cooperation.

Journalist:  After attending the fair this year, will you still have interest in it next year or after?

Xu Kuaile: I am very interested in it. The 3-day trip to Nanning leaves me a very good impression. Personally, it is a very good place where you can find many business opportunities and it still has a vast space to develop.

Journalist: Do you have any expectation for the next year’s ASEAN Expo?

Xu Kuaile: I hope that there are more innovative enterprises coming to Nanning, Guangxi next year. At the same time, I hope that more commercial investment projects in China can be transmitted to Nanning, which would speed up the development of Guangxi. In the last two or three years, we have been doing big projects like biotechnology and organic agriculture which have large prospection.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

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