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Vice President of Xinjiang Jewelry Association

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“We have totally 15 companies to attend the 8th CAEXPO, and we hope through this platform to promote the jade culture, increase the acceptance of nephrite or jade of Hotan,” said Dong Sheng, Vice President of Xinjiang Jewelry Association when interviewed by the press.

Journalist (J): Is it the first time your association takes part in CAEXPO?

Dong Sheng (D): We did last year, but many people did not know about Hotan Jade. This year more people come to know about the jade and the enthusiasm of the companies under our association is high, so we book 12 booths for 15 exhibitors.

J: Is it true that the companies have gained much that they are active to attend CAEXPO?

D: Yes, which can be attributed to two reasons, first they thought Guangxi may not have high recognition of Hotan Jade, but after the CAEXPO last year, they found that actually local people quite accept the jade culture, so we come to attend CAEXPO for promotion of culture of Hotan Jade; second we can take part in many programs at the 8th CAEXPO to promote the sales of Hotan Jade.

J: I understand your association has organized exhibitors as a group to this event, so what is their impression of the 8th CAEXPO?

D: First we are very confident to be here and the sales are better than expected; second we can make more exchanges with our colleagues because there are many people who want to know more about Hotan Jade; third we can reach some initial agreement with other interested parties.

Host: Personally, what is your overall impression of the 8th CAEXPO?

D: First I think the internationalization level of the event is very high, having strong influence on Southeast Asia; second the hardware and software of CAEXPO are very good and high class; and I find the event is very popular with many visitors; third I believe the prospect for the market is very bright.

J: Will you come again next year?

D: Definitely, we want to create better conditions for promoting our companies and Hotan Jade.

J: What is your plan for the CAEXPO next year?

D: First we want to increase the sales volume, then we will contact our colleagues in Hong Kong and Taiwan for cooperation. Depending on the conditions here we want to arrange more special programs of jade cultures, something like forum of Hotan Jade, or collection of Hotan Jade, to provide a good platform for companies, fans or collectors and for better cooperation in future.

Source:The Official Website of China-ASEAN Expo

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