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Guangxi Hopes to Continue Deepening Cooperation with Cambodia

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-04-17 09:54:15
On March 28th, Wang Yongchao, Municipal Standing Committee, Publicity Minister and deputy mayor of Chongzuo told reporters in the media press of “New Era with New Action——Overseas Chinese Medium Focus on Chongzuo City in 2018”, now there is a regional bonded delivery base in Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone for agricultural products like Cambodian rice. “We expect Cambodia to launch project communication like trade in goods and park establishment with Chongzuo and deepen bilateral cooperation in all fields,” said Wang. 
Established 15 year ago, Chongzuo, a young city, is the important nodal city of “Belt and Road” and a frontier to cooperate with ASEAN countries with 5 first-class ports, 2 second-class ports and 14 trading points for citizens living in border area, which results in Chongzuo City the most-port border city and the largest border trade city. As for the preferential location of Chongzuo, he described that “Open the door, you’ll see Vietnam and just take a couple of steps, you’ll set foot in ASEAN (in Chongzuo city).”
Enjoyed the regional and geographical advantages of locating along the border, connecting railways, sitting near capital Nanning, getting close to the airport and harbor and linking to ASEAN, Chongzuo city has occupied the first place in small-scale border trade volume among Chinese prefecture-level cities, said Wang.
In order to boost its port economy, Chongzuo fully developed its geographical superior and actively participated in the establishment of B&R. In recent years, Chongzuo city has won remarkable success in building south-facing connectivity channel, reinforcing cooperation in trade, international park building and cross-border economic cooperation zone with ASEAN countries, and promoting the establishment of Pingxiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, freight special channel, cross-border regulatory center for e-commerce and key developmental opening experiment area.
As “China’s South Gate”, Chongzuo is well-known as “City of Salt”, “City of Manganese” and “City of Border Trade”. Wang Yongchao also talked about the cultural tourism, industrial transformation and upgrading, infra establishment, rural overall poverty alleviation and new-type urbanization.
China News Agency worked together with the Communist Party of China (CPC) Municipal Committee of Chongzuo and People’s Government of Chongzuo to hold “New Era with New Action——Overseas Chinese Medium Focus on Chongzuo City in 2018”. In the meeting, Zhou Qun, chief of China News Agency Guangxi branch believed, via this journey to Chongzuo, the overseas Chinese medium could know China well and feel profound cultural history and the vigorous economy in new era of Guangxi, especially Chongzuo city. Wang said, “By this activity, we can make full use of the influence of overseas Chinese medium to enhance the publicity for Chongzuo so that world can focus on the port economy and cultural tourism of Chongzuo City.”
During the period of interview, journalists visited China-Thailand Chongzuo Industrial Park, new-energy electric vehicle of Jinya intelligent technology, Longzan Industrial Park, Guangxi Hao Qingchun Vinegar Company, the project of thirty-thousand-mu rose industrialized plantation and process and rose-characteristic tourism, Pingxiang city comprehensive bonded zone, cross-border regulatory center for e-commerce, China-Vietnam Huu Nghi Quan-freight special channel of Huu Nghi Quan international port and petroglyphs on the Flower Mountain, a world cultural heritage site.

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