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Guizhou To Build up ASEAN-Facing Strategic Fulcrum

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-04-17 10:00:38
Recently, Panzhou City of Guizhou Province carried out “the Five Developmental Ideas”, exerting all strength to transform and upgrade traditional industry and expanding the degree of opening door to build up a livable big western city of Guizhou with convenient traffic, complete equipment and beautiful surroundings. By making good use of high-speed rail economic circle, Panzhou city will be built as an ASEAN-facing strategic fulcrum in the southwest of China and a pivot of transportation, tourism, trade and logistics in southwest area to deepen strategic cooperation with ASEAN countries.
Since last April, the State Council approved to convert Panxian County to Panzhou City, resulting in Panzhou the first approved county-level city after the approval of converting from county to city. Panzhou City realized the conversion from county to city, which gathered strength to build the most graceful “West Gate” in Guizhou.
In the future, taking the chance of conversion from county to city and following the target of “containing a million population and never been left behind within a hundred years”, Panzhou City planned to promote the integration of modern city, characteristic town, beautiful countryside and eco-industry. Following the idea of production-city-landscape integration development and taking national new trial of comprehensive reform of urbanization as starting point, we should speed up developing the new trial with the idea of “integrating multiple plans into one area”, building up urban spatial structure in the county of “setting one central area and two sub-central areas, forming a developmental cross region and planning two economic belts and three economic regions”, with playing a role of example and pioneer in production-city-landscape integration, industry transformation and upgrading, innovation of reform and open, construction of ecological civilization and people’s well-being improvement, aiming to creat a bright future of “Wonderful Panzhou City” with well-off people and graceful eco-environment.
Promoting production-city-landscape integration development. It means taking production-city interaction, landscape-city linkage and production-landscape union as goals, we plan to advance the integration of modern city, characteristic town, beautiful countryside and eco-industry and speed up building up regional central city which can spur the economy of surrounding areas.
Promoting industry transformation and upgrading. It means the “Five Big Strategic Move” of big poverty alleviation, big data, big health, big industry and big ecology should be further carried out with all strengths developing cycled economy, green economy, digital economy and low-carbon economy. What’s more, it is necessary to transform the first industry, upgrade the second industry and improve the third industry to make them coordinated and comprehensive development so that Panzhou City can depend on new-rising industry to enjoy a bright future.
Promoting innovation of reform and open. Deep and high level opening up in all dimension should be boosted with participating in “Belt and Road” building, with Panzhou City actively joining in the building of “Yangtze River Economic Belt” and “Pearl River-Xijiang River Economic Belt” and further deepening cooperation with economic zones including Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, Yangtze River Economic Area, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Area and Central Yunnan Economic Area and communication with HK, Taiwan and Macao and ASEAN region. 
Promoting construction of ecological civilization. A complete and systematic ecological civilization system with clear property rights, multiple participation and equal stress on incentive and restraint should be built and green ecological corridor and green industry system need to be rapidly formed so that we can set out a green-developmental way with harmonious production-livehood-ecology zone and people-oriented concept.

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