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“We Need To Do And We Can Do A Lot” (III)

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2018-04-17 10:14:52
To give full play to CAEXPO
Xu Ningning said, in this year, China would promote cooperation with ASEAN in production capacity cooperation, connectivity, China-ASEAN FTA upgrading and Lancang-Mekong River cooperation upgrading. In this China-ASEAN innovation year, both sides would cooperate in several projects in innovation-driven development. In the field of regional cooperation, it was necessary to for both sides to actively promote negotiation of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to advance liberalization and facilitation for regional trade and investment.
“We need to do and we can do a lot for building up a new pattern of bilateral economic and trading cooperation. What we can do is communicating actively, becoming detailed and pragmatic and improving quality and efficiency in brief,” said Xu.
Xu believed, China was carrying out Vision and Proposed Actions Outlined on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt And 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road and strategies of economic development, namely “Western Development, Revitalization of Northeast China, Rise of Central Region and New Step of East China”. ASEAN was further carrying out consensuses, including Vision of ASEAN community in 2025, Developmental Blueprint of ASEAN Economic Community in 2025 and General Plan for ASEAN Connectivity in 2025. Thus, China and ASEAN could actively communicate to find entry points for cooperation.
China and ASEAN should actively carry out what has come to consensuses and continue to arrive at new consensus in order to realize the goal of improving quality and efficiency. In addition, it was necessary for improving quality and efficiency to have the attitude of detailed and pragmatic. It was necessary for building up China-ASEAN FTA together to strengthen cooperation in connectivity, fully mobilize social power to boost bilateral economic and trading cooperation and balance the cooperation between China-ASEAN and other countries or groups.
Xu suggested, “China-ASEAN can make full use of bilateral cooperation mechanism, for instance, joint committee on economic and trade cooperation between China and Singapore and China and Malaysia, ministerial cooperation mechanism in the field of power and finance between China and ASEAN, Mekong River cooperation mechanism and the established economic cooperation mechanism between ASEAN countries and some provinces and districts of China.” What’s more, related mechanisms should be built in some cooperation field shortage of cooperation mechanism.
Xu stressed, both sides should take good advantage of the two events of CAEXPO and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Seizing the opportunity of 15th anniversary and following new trend and change, both sides should combine innovation and pragmatism and bring the influence of the two events to build up new pattern of bilateral economic and trade cooperation with new vigor and impetus and promote Guangxi’s outstanding role in opening and development.

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