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Thailand to expand rice markets in Malaysia, Indonesia

Source: UkrAgroConsult    Time:2018-05-17 14:31:46
Thailand’s Department of Foreign Trade has cooperated with the Thai Rice Exporters Association to expand Thai rice markets in Malaysia and Indonesia.
Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade Adul Chotinisakorn said both Malaysia and Indonesia are expected to import more rice from Thailand, and this is a positive sign for the new rice farming season.
Adul said the department has recommended riceberry, Hom Nil, and Sung Yod rice to consumers in Malaysia, as they have become more health conscious.
He said his agency will also work with the Department of International Trade Promotion to further promote Thai rice in Malaysia.
As for Indonesia, Adul said most Indonesian consumers prefer white rice. But due to increasing health awareness in Indonesia, it is an opportunity for Thailand to expand its rice market in the neighboring country.
He said his department will cooperate with Thai rice traders to expand the market in Indonesia.

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