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Zanzibar: the most developing potentiality in East Africa

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2018-08-20 15:59:05


Date: 2018 September 12-15

Location: China-Nanning

Theme: Joint Efforts for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road 

             Building of China-ASEAN innovation Community

Country of Honor: Cambodia

Special Partners: Tanzania


Get you know about Zanzibar, Tanzania

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 This is a dream about civilization




 This is a dream about development




 This is a dream about prosperity



We have been always in exploration, how to make dreams into reality.

In the 15th Century, Zheng He’s fleet departed form the southeast coast of China.

Finally arrived in East Africa and Europe.



This is the heyday of the ancient Maritime Silk Road.



Along with the advent of the era of Western navigation in the eighteenth century, the Silk Road, Which has flourished for more than decades of centuries, now gradually become declining.



As the world’s second-largest economy in the world of high-end manufacturing field, China is now rebuilding across Eurasia.



The idea of linking the geopolitical ties between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean,



A broad consensus has been recognized.



Make cooperation more inclusive.



Let the foundation of cooperation be more solid.

Let the general public, 

Be the main force and beneficiaries of The Belt and Road construction.



Africa is an important pole in the world’s political and economic structure.



It is the construction direction and foothold of the “One Belt and One Road”.



Zanzibar, Located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, East African, seems like the gemstone sets on a turquoise sea.



With its rich natural resources, unique cultural landscape and architectural art, it has become a new star with the most developing potentiality in East Africa.



Zanzibar, an important part of the United Republic of Tanzania, it has two main islands, Zanzibar and Pemba, and small islands around.


The area is about 2,657 square kilometers.



Suitable temperature, abundant water resources and nice climate environment, make it be an ideal habitat for human beings;

And the important geographical location of the sea.



Making the entrepot trade flourish here, the early AD was one of most active trade center on the coast of East Africa.



The clove and coconut industry become the main economic source in this land.


Over 5 million plants of cloves, it supplies more than half of the world’s clove products here.



Traditional African culture, Islamic culture and Indian culture blend here;



The bustling market in city,the ancient mosque, the luxurious Arabian style houses, and the fascinating Stone Walls.



The pagoda-shape fortress and the original Sultan Palace, let this place become a unique tourism site here.



In 1963, China established the diplomatic relations with Zanzibar;

In 1964, Tanganyika Zanzibar united as the United Republic of Tanzania.



China will naturally continues its diplomatic relations with Tanzania and Zanzibar.



At the same year, China began to provide Tanzania with various kind of assistance.


△ The Tanzania—Zambia Railway


△ Friendship Textile Factory


△ Mbarali farm


△ Kejina Coal Mine  


 △ Ma Hongda Sugar Factory , ect.


All is the witnesses of the friendship between the two countries.



Today, the “One Belt and One Road” initiative has successfully favored in Tanzania.



China has become the Tanzania’s largest trading partner, and the largest engineering contractor and major source of investment.



Chinese-funded enterprises invest more than 6.6 billion U.S. dollars in Tanzania.



The achievements of the cooperation between two countries have been reflected in all areas of their economic development. 


Bring the real benefits to its local people



As a Chinese, it’s my honor to be the Promotion Ambassador of Zanzibar.



When I was invited by the Tanzania Ministry of Defence, when I came here, I feel it’s distinctive.



The locals are hardworking and kind, honest and competent.

Here rich natural resources, fruits, seafood is not fully utilized.



These are unlimited business opportunities.

Follow our steps, come to Zanzibar!



Zanzibar has a population of 1.5 million people.



Zanzibar people are living a very simple life.



We need to improve our economy, we need to improve our GDP, we need to improve our foreign exchange, so that we can able to improve the lives of our people.



But also for investors, we have a number of projects, we are looking for partners.



A private sector or joint venture or PPP or build-operate-transfer, we want have the Zanzibar as the free port as well as free zones.



And then with the silk road, one belt, this one also the opportunity for us to work together.



Investors who come here to invest in this strategic investment, they are enjoying you know repatriation of the profit.



But also hundreds of percent ownership of those projects, the government through its constitution is protecting the foreign investment in this country.



We have the spices which are best in this part of the world, and we are trans a lot of tourist to the spices industry.



We also have good beaches, which you can come and relax in our country and explore it, the martini and dearest resource that we have in Zanzibar.

One with a stable food which are producing is rice.



Unfortunately we are having more than 15,000 hectares for irrigation.

And today we are irrigating only 1500 hectares.



We are looking forward to see the Chinese government, Chinese people to come to Zanzibar and invest Zanzibar.



So I take this opportunity just to welcome the investors, Welcome the tourist to come and visit here Zanzibar, to make sure that they promote a culture which are similar with our culture and their culture.



When clove blooming season is coming, or walk on the silver palms along the Zanzibar beach, enjoy the rich fragrance of flowers along the blue sea under the blue sky.



Or walk through the market, enjoy fun street graffiti in alleys with less than one meter wide.



Or visit the traces of history in Stone Town.



Discover the story of a thousand years ago in a quiet corner.



This is the most beautiful island in the world known as “Turquoise on the Indian Ocean”.



Under the “One Belt and One Road” strategy,



Attracting influx of domestic and foreign investment, draw a blueprint for the future of the prosperity, and development of “Zanzibar Dream”.









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