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Indonesia records 47.43-percent rise in car sales in August

Source: Antaranews.com    Time:2020-09-17 15:46:22
Car sales in Suzuki pavilion in IMS 2019 (ANTARA/Alviansyah)
Car sales in Indonesia rose for the third consecutive month to 37,277 vehicles in August, up by 47.43 percent, from 25,283 units a month earlier, Indonesian Association of Motor Vehicle Producers (Gaiklindo) stated.
Domestic car sales swelled by 255.7 percent to 12,623 vehicles in June, from 3,551 units the month before, marking the first car sale hike since the country announced the first confirmed COVID-19 case in March 2020.
Car sales inched up again by 100.3 percent in July to 25,283 units, from 12,623 units a month ago.
Despite the hike, the August 2020 car sales fell far short of the 90,568 units sold during the same month last year.
Overall, domestic car sales in the year ending August 31, 2020, stood at 323,492 units, or 31 percent of last year's car sales reaching over one million units.
Toyota led car sales in August, with 8,740 units; followed by 6,651 units of Daihatsu; 4,867 units of Mitsubishi; 3,501 units of Suzuki; and 3,047 units of Honda.
Astra Group recorded a hike in car sales by 4,856 units in June; 10,140 units in July; and 16,773 units in August.
"The sales of Astra and national cars in the past three months has steadily increased. We are optimistic of continued recovery, so it will contribute to the national car sales," Head of Astra Corporate Communications Boy Kelana Soebroto noted in a press statement.
In total, Astra’s car sales in the year ending August 31, 2020, halved to 166,418 units, from 344,581 vehicles during the corresponding period last year.
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