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Bulletins for Participants

Temporary Chartered Flights Plan (for ASEAN Participants)

Source: CAEXPO Secretariat    Time:2009-09-30 17:06:03

1. Flight schedule and airfares (totally 11 flight routes)

1) The departure/arrival time is local time of the department/arrival city.

2) The airfare is in Chinese currency RMB.

3) The air fares is exclusive of airport fees, fuel surcharges, aviation insurance surcharge and entry/exit fares that shall be borne by flight passengers themselves as stipulated in relevant laws and regulations of China and their home countries.

4) Tickets are issued on full payment of air fares, fuel surcharges, aviation insurance surcharge and China airport fees. The airport fees in the ASEAN countries shall be paid by participants in cash at the airport.

2. Ticket reservation
1) Dates for ticket reservation/sales: September 25-October 11, 2009
2) Ticket reservation and purchasing

A) Relevant arrangement on temporary direct chartered flights has been released by the CAEXPO Secretariat on the CAEXPO official website (http://www.caexpo.org) on September 25, 2009, including flight schedule, airfares, taxes and fees, etc. Please visit the website for updated information.

B) How to make ticket reservation:

a) You may book the tickets directly with the ASEAN Ticket Agent in your country . Or you may contact the designated liaison officers of CITS (Guangxi) by fax, telephone or e-mail for ticket reservation.
b) The liaison officers of CITS (Guangxi) designated for the ASEAN countries will accept and handle the ticket reservations submitted by the ASEAN Ticket Agents, and will provide the letters of confirmation accordingly. You may directly contact the ASEAN Agent to follow up your reservation.
c) Upon receiving the letters of confirmation, please remit airfares to the designated accounts of the Agents.

3. Types of Ticket
1) One-way ticket
2) Round-trip ticket

4. Documents/Information Needed for Reservation
Please provide your name, nationality, date of birth, passport number,passport validity and telephone number, which should be consistent as shown in the ID/Passport you use for boarding. (please provide authentic and valid information).

5. Diet Taboo
All 11 chartered flight routes offer in-flight meals. Should you have special requirements on food (e.g. Halal food or vegetarian meals) please inform your Ticket Agent when reserving the ticket.

6.Get Your Ticket
Since different airlines have different regulations on this issue, please consult your Ticket Agent or CITS ( Guangxi) Co., Ltd. for relevant details. 


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