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China-asean expo investment projects signed enthusiastically

Source: Xinhua    Time:2004-11-04 11:37:00

Here at the first China - asean expo, from more than 20 countries and regions, including the asean countries, companies with China in 4, 5, hundreds of cooperation projects, has signed a total investment of billions of dollars.Over the same period, China GuoNaSheng interval of mutual investment negotiation, enthusiastically signed investment cooperation projects worth tens of billions of RMB.

According to the organizing committee of the expo, 4 131 JCP signed a cooperation project, contract amount is $5.545 billion, cooperation projects involving infrastructure, industry, tourism development, mining, light industry, energy, chemical industry, building materials, mechanical and electrical engineering, and other fields, real estate.129, among them, the foreign contract project investment of $4.969 billion, $1.565 billion total investment between China and asean countries.From China guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, hubei, hunan, guangxi and other provinces with Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, etc. 6 signed 10 asean countries investment projects, focused on mining, light industry, energy industry, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, real estate project, etc.In addition to Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, etc. 8 in signing the asean countries, Canada, Australia, the United States, France and other 14 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas of China are also on the fair.France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Switzerland has signed eight projects and $221 million investment in China;U.S. companies signed eight projects and investment of $168 million.Saudi Arabia, Japan, Canada, Australia and other countries also respectively signed economic cooperation projects with Chinese provinces enterprises.

Held in the 5th China GuoNaSheng interval investment cooperation project signing ceremony, from guangdong, sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, hunan, guizhou, xinjiang, about 20 provincial enterprises, and enterprises directly under the central government and the foreign capital enterprise has entered China signed 100 domestic investment cooperation projects with total investment of 41.78 billion yuan.Among them, 14 provinces in eastern signing 76 projects, investment of 29.923 billion yuan.Contracted projects of 10 7 provinces and cities in the west and the investment of 5.315 billion yuan.

The project signing ceremony, the privately operated capital investment activity, there are 55, participate in the investment project total investment 26 billion yuan, accounting for the sign up 57% of the total project investment.
3, the first china-asean expo in nanning, China's prime minister, wen jiabao, in October 2003, the seventh China and asean leaders proposal at the meeting, held in the future will be held regularly in nanning in November.



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