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The 1st CAEXPO

China - ASEAN EXPO Set Up A New Product Promotion Platform

Source: Xinhua    Time:2004-11-05 19:18:00

Glittering and translucent Thai rice, delicate Burma jade bracelet, red wood carvings, elegant style of Vietnam Malaysia tin plating crafts...Is here in the first China - ASEAN EXPO, features of 10 asean countries attracts mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as Japan, South Korea and other places of merchants.

The reporter understands from fairs and investment promotion department, only at 4 in the afternoon, China and ASEAN countries signed investment projects, a total of 30, including cooperation projects with a total investment of 910 million yuan, the introduction of China's total investment of 126 million yuan.In addition, the ASEAN countries and China signed a cooperation project of 74, investment of $1.036 billion.

It is known that the 1th China-ASEAN EXPO that held jontly by China and ASEAN countries for the first time. China and ASEAN enterprises to actively participate in 10 countries.Among the 10 ASEAN countries that apply for booth are 767, accounts for the EXPO booth is around 43% of the total.

Fair 5 and 5, the exhibition hall is 10 countries in asean commodity exhibition.In Thailand zhengda group booth, rice brand exhibition is the royal elephant, lotus flower crown, riches and honour, etc.Give visitors the elaborate free taste the fruits of Thailand, the visitor is an endless stream."Now we sign the contract no problem," myanmar's kachin state Marine company general manager PangWeiMin happy auspicious and to come to discuss with China's jiangsu and zhejiang merchants. According to the company office director Long Wenjiang, their main distribution of agricultural products are export trade, the opening ceremony on the same day they are only with Vietnam and China merchants reached more than 90 tons of agricultural trade.
Cooperation of Chinese industrial equipment group manager yi-bin zhang said: "originally we trade in ASEAN countries rarely, this exposition not only let us know the asean enterprises but also have more opportunities to communicate with them, to promote our products."

Promote the trade at the same time, the EXPO become more show the promotion of the association of South-East Asian nations (ASEAN) "stage" of the product.Thailand has organized a strong delegation to participate in the EXPO, goods a total of 120 booths, which make its delegation the largest of all the participating countries.Thailand's ministry of commerce, the director of boosting exports, says ms Ann sent li, Thailand hope that through exposition not only expand economic and trade cooperation, more hope that we can establish and strengthen national through product display and understanding between enterprises.




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