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The 4th CAEXPO

Exchange Amounted to $1.4 Billion, Up 12.1% Year on Year

Source: Official Report    Time:2007-10-31 09:23:00

Li Jinzao,secretary-general, deputy director of the China - ASEAN EXPO organizing committee, vice President of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said on October 31, the 4th China-ASEAN EXPO accumulative total of $1.42 billion, up 12.1% from a year earlier.

On 31, Li Jinzao announced at a news conference in the afternoon of the 4th China-ASEAN EXPO concluded.He said that the 4th China-ASEAN EXPO, mechanical equipment accumulated turnover of $650 million, $140 million building materials, electrical and electronic $100 million, $150 million in agricultural products and food, hardware chemical $130 million.

This, he says, for the first time in the fair single ASEAN commodity turnover million dollar contract, namely a contract, Thai rice exports to Shenzhen traded at $110 million.The 4th China-ASEAN expo signed182 international economic cooperation projects, a total investment of $6.154 billion, up 5.28% over the previous;Signed 138 domestic economic cooperation projects, with a total investment of 58.214 billion yuan, up 5.13% over the previous.

Among them, the proportion of manufacturing project, accounted for 46.2% of the international cooperation projects, 59.4% of the domestic cooperation projects.Projects become the new bright spot of "going out", signed "go out" project 59, 19 more than last year, a total investment of $1.58 billion.

According to statistics, the 4th China-ASEAN EXPO, a total of 3400 booths, 1908 exhibitors, 8281 exhibitors, growth of 4.9% over last year.Attended the exposition and ministerial VIP business and investment summit of 183 people, including 68 people in China, ASEAN and 115other countries.

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