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The 4th CAEXPO

Inauguration of China-ASEAN Social Development and Poverty Reduction Forum

Source: Official Report    Time:2007-10-30 10:00:00
On October 30, sponsored by the office of the state council, Autonomous Regional People's Government of "China - ASEAN Social Development and Poverty Reduction Forum".Poverty Alleviation and Development of the State Council leading group deputy team leader, director of the office of Fan Xiaojian, and Autonomous Region Ma Qingsheng, chairman of the CPPCC national committee, the ASEAN secretariat, Nicholas, deputy secretary-general of the state council poverty relief office guo-liang wang, deputy director of the development planning of Cambodia state secretary Mr Hart, the autonomous region party committee standing committee, the Autonomous Region Secretary for Poverty Alleviation leading group deputy team leader Ma Tieshan, autonomous regions, autonomous regions, Sun, vice President of the United Nations Development Program (undp) office deputy director of national renaud meyer.

Opening ceremony presided over by Ma Tieshan.

It is understood that the Forum is "the second session of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China, Japan and South Korea (10 + 3) regional seminar for poverty alleviation" of one of the follow-up actions.The Forum purpose is to promote the development of China-ASEAN relations, cooperate strategy of china-asean economic and trade cooperation, to establish the China-ASEAN economic and social harmonious development platform, to take an active part in promoting the construction of a harmonious world;Promote "the second session of the association of south-east Asian nations (ASEAN) and China, Japan and South Korea (10 + 3) regional seminar for poverty alleviation" initiative of China - ASEAN ministerial meeting mechanism, regional forum for poverty alleviation mechanism, the mechanism of anti-poverty project visits the formation and development of Chinese social development and poverty reduction policies and achievements, China plays an  important role 
in ASEAN region in the field of social development and poverty reduction.

Fan xiaojian, the keynote speech.In 58 years since the founding of new China, he says, especially for nearly 30 years of reform and opening-up, China's poverty reduction has made remarkable achievements, it is a steady economic growth, a series of development of social justice and government together with the special poverty alleviation and development plan.Reviewing and summarizing the course of China's poverty alleviation and development, is the most basic experience of the Chinese government in the different development phase selection and developed in accordance with the situation of poverty reduction strategies and policies, adhere to walked out of a poverty alleviation and development road with Chinese characteristics.He also introduces the main achievements of China's poverty alleviation and development, basic practice, the challenge and further push forward the initial assumption of poverty alleviation and development.

Sun said in his speech, since the reform and open policy, the Guangxi government at all levels conscientiously carrying out the policy of poverty alleviation and development of Chinese government policy, adhere to 28 key county of national poverty alleviation and development work and 4060 funding a battlefield, without adequate food and clothing in the rural areas of poor and low income poverty as a support object, adjust measures to local conditions to make planning, highlight the characteristics of hydropower pays special attention to the road infrastructure construction, advantage industry development, and poor areas to improve the quality of workers in ecological construction, we made solid progress in poverty alleviation and development work, in the rural population without adequate food and clothing declined from 1978 in 21 million to 2006 in 760000, the poverty rate decreased from 70% to below 2.4%, poverty alleviation and development have made historic achievements, to promote the sustainable development and made a positive contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.The forefront of Guangxi as a link between China and ASEAN, and willing to promote exchange and cooperation between China and ASEAN poverty alleviation play a positive role.

Nicholas, Mr. Hart, renaud meyer also has delivered a speech.

Prior to the opening ceremony, Fan Xiaojian, Ma Qingsheng, guo-liang wang, Ma Tieshan met with Nicholas, sun, Mr. Hart, renaud meyer attended the Forum of the guest.

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