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10th Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival

Source:Official Report   Time:2008-10-23 11:33:00

October 22 in the evening, Earth Melody · 2008, the opening ceremony of the 5th China-ASEAN EXPO and the 10th Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival was held in nanning square of folk songs. Party brings together the various areas, various nationalities, representative folk songs of each country. It is a feast of folk songs, embodies the rich ethnic customs.The enthusiasm of the wonderful show for the audience and guests praise.

As "ten years" folk songs "summary" party, "Earth melody · 2008" in novel and chic programming and extraordinary creativity, showed the guangxi "world folk songs linger place" amorous feelings, also shows the style of folk songs from around the world.The party named after six Chinese classical epigraph of six chapters, Qiao Zhen, jian-hua ding of famous voice actors, such as reading, added thick classic lasting appeal for the whole party.In the artistic conception of poetry, big big song zhuang, miao songs and dong songs, yao big song, xinjiang folk songs, folk songs, gaoshan Tibetan folk songs as well as southeast Asia representative folk song one by one, sing folk song festival together.

Last night's party starlight, cui jian, Amy, zuheiri, wei wei, such as singer appeared on stage, dedication to the audience familiar classic songs;Angela, qi qin, together yu, Fahrenheit deeply young audience like pop singer, and also the climax of fever;From Europe and the United States in the secret garden band, pianist Robert Wells brings international music experience;And singer from southeast Asia and other countries, it showed the amorous feelings of ASEAN countries.

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