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Nanning-Singapore Passageway Maximizing China-ASEAN Overland Trade Profits

Source: Official Report    Time:2012-09-24 17:06:00

According to the 3rd China-ASEAN Logistics Cooperation Forum held on Sep. 24, Nanning-Singapore overland passageway has become the passageway that brings the biggest profits to China-ASEAN overland trade as its transportation condition keeps improving and the logistics time is considerably shortened.

The 3560-kilometer Nanning-Singapore overland passageway runs through 6 countries including China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, connecting Nanning with key cities of ASEAN countries like Hanoi, Vientiane, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

At present, the basic transportation facilities of Nanning-Singapore overland passageway have been increasingly improved. Nanning-Friendship Pass Expressway has been completed and opened to traffic, and the Friendship Pass-Hanoi section of No. 1 Highway in Vietnam that it connects will be transformed into an expressway. The Nong khai-Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore section has been built into expressway or first-class highway. Since Aug. 2012, Shenzhen-Nanning-Chongzuo-Friendship Pass-Hanoi freight passageway and Chongzuo-Gaoping freight passageway have been opened in compliance with China-Vietnam agreement.

Huang Ke, Mayor of Chongzuo City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that according to the customs, there were about 1,000 container trucks going in and out of Chongzuo port through Nanning-Singapore Passageway every day, the logistics throughput reaching 25,000 tons per day.

Conducting China-ASEAN overland trade through Nanning-Singapore Passageway can shortened the time, cut the cost of logistics and achieve convenient and flexible shipping, which help maximize overland trade profits. Currently, 85% of China-ASEAN fruits import and export are transported through Nanning-Singapore Passageway because of the time cost. 

A Vietnamese businessman said that as a logistics operator, he was very interested in truck-load transportation on land routes. He suggested that all countries involved enhance cooperation in building infrastructure for logistics, improving the easiness of cross-border transportation, and building distribution centers and bonded warehouses along borderlines.



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