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Projects Signed in 12th China-ASEAN Expo Have Improved Quality

Source: China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat     Time:2015-09-20 18:49:38


On September 19, the signing ceremony of the 12th China-ASEAN Expo International Economic Cooperation Projects was held in Nanning. The business officers and some diplomats of China and 7 ASEAN countries, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and leaders of Jiangxi, Jilin, Hunan and Guangxi attended the ceremony to witness the signing. 62 international economic cooperation projects involving logistics, new equipment manufacturing, finance and trade, hi-tech and information software services, etc. were signed at this ceremony.

The signing ceremony was highlighted in four aspects. Firstly, the “One Belt, One Road” effect is obvious. The number of projects involving “21st Century Maritime Silk Road" industry has exceeded 20, an increase by about 50 percent compared to that of last session, which indicates that the various regions of China have directly transferred the facilitation policies in FTA into real business opportunities. Secondly, the economic and trade cooperation between China and ASEAN countries has become mature with coordinated development. China and ASEAN countries signed 15 cooperation projects at this ceremony, including 7 projects involving China’s investment in ASEAN countries. Thirdly, the structural optimization of the signed projects is obvious and it will help drive the transformation and upgrading. At this ceremony, the proportion of projects involving the first industry and third industry increased. High-end manufacturing industries have made rapid growth, while traditional, low-end industries had sharp decline. Fourthly, the China-ASEAN Expo has become the world's big economic and trade cooperation platform where the major projects drive the strong development of various industries. The investment source countries also have new changes. Mutual investment with the United States, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Mauritania, Japan and other countries has emerged.

The signing ceremony of the 12th China-ASEAN Expo China Domestic Economic Cooperation Projects held on the same day witnessed the signing of 107 economic cooperation projects. The enterprises participating include those from Guangdong, Beijing, Fujian, Shanghai and other provinces as well as those directly under central government.

This signing ceremony of the domestic economic cooperation projects were highlighted in three aspects. Firstly, the quality of the singed project has been greatly improved. There are two large projects of above ten billion yuan, 3 projects of above 5 billion yuan and 37 projects of above 1 billion yuan. The projects are all contractual projects with high maturity. Secondly, the pragmatic cooperation has promoted industrial upgrading. The signed projects at this ceremony involve more than 10 areas including new manufacturing, new energy and new materials. The new equipment manufacturing, high-tech information, modern logistics, new energy, new materials, finance, science and technology, agricultural industrialization projects are the main body and account for about 70% of the total amount. Thirdly, the Chinese enterprises actively participated in it. Businessmen from various regions were enthusiastic and up to 19 Chinese provinces and cities participated in the signing. The number of projects contracted has exceeded one hundred for the first time, which is the highest compared to the previous ceremonies.

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