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Thematic Initiative on 2016 China-ASEAN Forum on Social Work

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2016-09-11 09:28:15

The first China-ASEAN Forum on Social Work (CAFSW) was held on 10 September, 2016 in Nanning City of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. Participants from governments, social organizations and academia of ASEAN member states and China attended this forum. The forum aimed to elaborate on the role of social work in alleviating poverty, helping people in difficulty and improving people's livelihood, to deepen pragmatic cooperation on social work between China and ASEAN member states, and to encourage all parties to reach consensus by looking to the future to achieve common development through dialogues and cooperation.

Faced with profound economic and social changes in China and ASEAN member states, together with the increasingly urgent need of public services, we have realized that the rich experience and practices, accumulated by China and ASEAN member states in the process of promoting social work and cultivating social work professionals, are our common wealth. Mutual exchange and close cooperation between China and ASEAN will benefit our economic growth, social development,  and well being and happiness of our people.

   In order to push forward healthy and sustainable development of social work in China and ASEAN member states, we propose the following recommendations: 

1. Governments of China and ASEAN member states should pay close attention to the institutional improvement of social work, promote legislation and policies that strengthen social work and its practice, invest in finance, human capital and services,  in order to lay a solid foundation for a better and faster development of social work.

2. Governments of China and ASEAN member states should make more efforts to establish and improve the evaluation, employment and promotion mechanisms for social work practitioners, effectively protect their lawful rights and interests,  promote and strengthen professional social work education and training to improve social workers’ competence and service quality.
3. China and ASEAN member states should strive to deepen social work engagement in poverty relief to effectively address the personalized and diverse service needs of vulnerable groups, utilize social work principle of helping people to help themselves to resolve their difficulties, empower and enhance their rights and capabilities, assist them in building supporting network, and improve their well being.

4. China and ASEAN member states should have stronger cooperation on social work research by holding regular academic conferences or high-level forums, setting up interactive exchange platforms for institutions of higher education, research institutions and social work organizations to share their research achievements, explore the common characteristics of social work, and deepen the fundamental theories, knowledge and practice to promote the establishment of social work discipline.

    5. China and ASEAN member states should set up a cooperation mechanism for social work professional training, promote the exchange of personnel and joint personnel development among administrative organizations, institutions of higher education, research and training institutions, social work organizations and associations, and promote the development of eminent social work professionals. 

    6. China and ASEAN member states should enhance mutual exchange and learning of social work, and contribute to the development of global social work with experience and good practices.

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