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The 13th CAEXPO Taiwan Products Exhibition

Source: CAEXPO Wechat     Time:2016-09-12 10:17:26

The 13th CAEXPO Taiwain Products Exhibition was open at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11, 2016.

It is the fifth time for Taiwan Trade Center to organize this exhibition at the CAEXPO starting from 2011, which has grown to be a highlight of the CAEXPO over these years.

523 pieces of award-winning products were brought by 202 Taiwan companies to the exhibition. 61 pieces under 30 brands of renowned enterprises are put on actual display, including Acer, ASUS, MSI, D-Link, Cyber Link, EDIMAX, Daton, E Link, Agoni, Johnson, Giant and Merida, etc. Featured exhibits fall into environmental protection and life, sports and leisure, medical and health care and consumer electronics categories.

Mr. Ye Yongming, vice secretary-general of the trade center, said that his trade center has participated in the CAEXPO for years in a row and maintains closer economic and trade cooperation with Guangxi. Since 2009, each year, Guangxi will organize business delegation to visit Taiwan, joining networking programs with the center and holding face-to-face talks with Taiwan companies and industrial players. 5 MOUs on cooperation have been signed, laying a solid foundation for cooperation in the fields concerned.


According to the secretary-general, Guangxi occupies the overlapped part among China’s southwest and south economic circles and the ASEAN economic rim and serves as a major gateway for China’s cooperation with ASEAN for being the only Chinese province that shares both land borders and sea passages with ASEAN countries. Taiwan and Guangxi have ample room for cooperation. Apart from promoting the existing economic and trade exchanges between both sides, Guangxi and Taiwan enterprises shall maximize their complementarities and jointly explore the ASEAN markets. Nanning, host city of the CAEXPO, is blessed with unique geographical location as a regional air and high-speed railway transport hub within the China-ASEAN region. It is also a place with green hills, crystallized water and green vegetation. Taking place in such a beautiful city, the CAEXPO provides an important platform for Chinese enterprises to tap into the ASEAN markets. Taiwan Trade Center will never be absent from a good platform like this, instead, the center looks forward to closer and more effective economic and trade exchanges with Guangxi on the platform.

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