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Vietnam Shines as the Country of Honor after Waiting for a Decade

Source: CAEXPO Wechat     Time:2016-09-14 15:07:03
Vietnam finally welcomes its term as the Country of Honor of the China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) after waiting for 10 years. Having learned of the experience of the previous 9 countries, Vietnam is now well-prepared to fully showcase itself as the last Country of Honor in the first round of the mechanism.
As the old saying goes, the best is to be the last. The government of Vietnam attached great importance to joining the 13 th CAEXPO as the Country of Honor this year and has made particular instructions for the Ministry of Industry and Trade to play a leading role in relevant preparations, which gains support from different communities. Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has visited the 13 th CAEXPO by heading a high profile delegation. Mr. Nguyen has addressed the opening ceremony of the 13 th CAEXPO and the 13 th CABIS. Vietnam has arranged a series of Country of Honor-related programs, including the inaugural ceremonies for its city of charm and commodity pavilions, Dialogue between Vietnamese State Leaders and Chinese Entrepreneurs, national promotion conference and Procurement Meeting for Vietnam, etc., fully showcasing the charm and business opportunities of the country.
The 13 th CAEXPO has seen far more exhibiting enterprises than any of the previous sessions. Vietnam uses whole Hall 6 and half of Hall 7 to set up 248 booths to showcase food and beverage, wooden furniture, arts & crafts and handicrafts and other cutting-edged products. Among them, coffee, furniture, home suppliers, distinctive handicrafts are quite popular among the consumers. Renowned enterprises such as Vietnam Biti’s and Sheng Cai Furniture will be on the display.
Representative of the Foreign Investment Agency of Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam said that participating in the 13 th CAEXPO has been given priority on their work agenda. They have selected investment projects that are qualified for the 13 th CAEXPO and actively organized enterprises and industrial parks to join the investment promotion programs during the fair period.
Buon Ma Thuot, the City of Charm of Veitnam, has spared no efforts to showcase its unique charm. Reputed as the“capital of coffee”, Buon Ma Thuot is a major producer of Kopi Luwak. The Pavilion of City of Charm of Vietnam covers an area of 231m 2 , which also presents traditional Vietnamese art performances.
In addition, Vietnam also arranges people-to-people exchanges, for visitors from all over the world to experience its culture and ethnic customs.
The 10-year Old CAEXPO Country of Honor Mechanism has further strengthened China-ASEAN cooperation. As the Country of Honor, the ASEAN country always gains keen attention from the political communities and media of different countries during the fair period and enjoys privileges provided the CAEAPO Organizing Committee. Influence of the Country of Honor has been greatly expanded after highlighted at different promotion campaigns, sideline programs and exhibitions of the CAEXPO.
The 10 ASEAN countries will be the Country of Honor in rotation. Recently, the CAEXPO Secretariat has received the official confirmation from Prime Minister's Office and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade II of Brunei Darussalam that Brunei will take the baton to be Country of Honor for the 14 th CAEXPO. Next year will launch the second round of Country of Honor, which will beyond doubt be more successful and fruitful.

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