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Exhibitors in the CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition 2017

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2017-05-09 15:39:49
The CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition is an event which will bring the peoples of Brunei and China closer, showcase quality made-in-China products and promote the bilateral economic and trade cooperation.

Jiangxi Donglong Industrial Co., Ltd.
The Most Expensive Jewellery Watch in CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition Worth RMB 88,900!
Brunei – a country where you can spot an imposing marble structure with 25 gold domes on amassive mosque. Speaking of gold, Wang Kaiyan – deputy manager of AFO claimed that Brunei is their first country to step in when they were planning to do their marketing strategy. There is a saying goes, when in doubt, decorate in gold. This statement simply means that Bruneians love gold and that the reason why AFO launches its first marketing strategy in Brunei.
AFO, the top watch upstart, jewellery and watches in China with art timepiece Pierre. With a history of only 6 years, AFO is the first 24K3D gold watch creating a watch 24K gold era. AFO, purely reflects “all for you only”, is the concept of the products where they offer a private customized services to hand down the brand characteristics.
AFO believes in eternity where they pursued the customers to tailor a lifetime, timepiece of Pierre inherits from generation to generation. With these prestige conditions, AFO has became one of the most prominent jewellery watches in China. Enriched with only 6 years of experience, AFO is more than a jewellery watch. The company has a series of watches style ranging from Junya series (wedding couple watches), dumping series (sophisticated & elegant watches) to Intime series (Silver fashion).
If you are a jewellery & watch lover, please do not hesitate to drop them a message or visit them in Jiangxi City of Yichun Province in China.
Muara Port Company Sdn. Bhd.
Flagship Project under “Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor” made its first landing in Brunei
Zhou Yan, CEO of Muara Port Company Sdn Bhd shared his opinion, “CAEXPO is a very meaningful platform to Brunei and Guangxi. Brunei is the country of honor for the 14th CAEXPO. In fact, “Brunei-Guangxi Economic Corridor” plan was proposed in 2013. The port was established on 21th of February this year, which signify the officially landed flagship project. Through CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition, we hope to share the successful experiences as well as to promote the cooperation between the development of Brunei and Guangxi enterprises.”
Muara Port Company Sdn Bhd (MPC) took over the operation of Brunei’s only container terminal on February 2017. The company is jointly established by Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group Co Ltd (Beibu) from China and Darussalam Assets Sdn Bhd. With the strong support of both of Brunei and Guangxi government, the two sides worked together to complete the establishment of the joint venture in only six months. At present, the company has been appointed as the main operator of Muara Container Terminal (MCT). In the near future, it will take over conventional terminals.
According to reports, Muara Port Company has a berth length of 250 meters, two 12.5 meters water berth. The container yard area of 72500 square meters, 2 sets of container shore (Panama type), 3069 containers, 145 cold storage containers. Container freight station 5000 square meters, and has open-air warehouses and inland container yard, that can provide 24-hour all-weather container demolition and storage services.
Guangxi Investment Group International Co Ltd
Make an Effort To Unlock the Door Towards Domestic and Foreign Financing Platforms
CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition 2017 provides a platform to strengthen the relationship between China and ASEAN Countries. Hu, the deputy manager of Guangxi Investment Group International Co Ltd said, “We really support this CAEXPO and appreciate this opportunity in Brunei.” Besides, the company also took up the biggest booth in the exhibition.

Guangxi Investment Group International Co Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary business under Guangxi Investment Group Co Ltd. The company was incorporated in Hong Kong on June 2014 with a registered capital of US $ 35 million. Its operations commenced since August of the same year, with the aim of promoting international trade and overseas resource development as well as bridge-building for domestic and foreign financing. At present, the company is located in the area of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Office, made up by a total of 13 employees.
In CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition, Guangzhou Investment Group International Co Ltd focuses mainly on the scopes of international trade, investment, finance and others. Along with the similar vision carry by other ASEAN countries, the company intends to achieve advancement in capital and technology policies, and obtain resource advantages via cooperation. Furthermore, the company also aims to cultivate overseas markets, thus building a new platform for domestic and foreign financing.
Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group Holding Co., Ltd
Long awaited Opportunity of Brunei Market Brought by CAEXPO
Track back to the history of Brunei, it has linked with the trading of Chinese silks, stoneware and porcelain many years ago.
According to Lyman, Secretary of Chairman Office, they said that they didn’t have the chance to approach and develop the Brunei’s market due to many reasons. Nonetheless, they have learned that it’s the right time to enter Brunei’s market as Brunei was announced to be the Country of Honor for the 14th CAEXPO. They do hope that with this platform, they manage to showcase their product and promote cooperation as well as common development of China & ASEAN Countries.
Guangxi Sanhuan Enterprise Group Holding Co., Ltd or Sanhuan Group has been a professional porcelain manufacturer since 1977, focusing on household tableware, import and export business and ceramic production technology training. In light of this, they now have 22 subsidiaries which rapidly increases their export capacity to 6 million pieces and a total assets of RMB 1.346 Billion.
Sanhuan Group is well thought of producing high end table and dining ware for export to Europe, United States and Southeast Asia. The special high-fire glazing technique which is being used to manufacture the wedding porcelain, with the plates and mugs being set at temperature of more than 1600 degrees C in the kilns. Due to this reason, Sanhuan Group has won the order to make the official tableware to be used at the British royal wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton in the year of 2011.
Quality, service and price are the main aspects they are focusing on. Now, the company is ready to grow even further and collaborate with global partners and new agents from all countries.
If you 're keen to know more, do feel free to pay them a visit at CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition.
Fuzhou Ivy-décor Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Capture All Range of Furniture Market in Brunei
Furniture industry in Brunei is a relatively young industry as about 40% is locally manufactured, and the rest is imported. The locally manufactured furniture caters to the lower and middle class market, while the imported ones offer a range of higher class furniture. Hoping to capture the local market with their all-range-suitable-furniture, Fuzhou Ivy-Décor sees a tremendous potential growth in Brunei.
Established in the year of 2010, Fuzhou Ivy-décor Manufacture Co., Ltd is based in Fujian Province. They are specialized in producing and exporting home decoration and furniture which is made of wood, metal, resin & PU. They have a variety of products ranging from the wall plaque, decorative accessories to furniture such as mirror, photo frames, cabinet, tables, and chairs and so on.
Sharing the same vision throughout the whole company, Ivy-décor has rapidly grown into a mature manufacturer with a family member of 1000 people within 7 years. Implementing a culture of speaking up, exploring and challenging environment, their highly committed and motivated team members have no doubt escalating the growth of the business.
Their “do it right the first time” attitude is simply matched with the company’s modern equipment to produce the finished products. Speaking of it, this is the main reason to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.
Guangxi Beiliu Zhongli Ceramics Co. Ltd.
Guangxi Beiliu Zhongli Ceramics Co Ltd participated in CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition
Brunei has golden opportunities to reach customers and potential business partners effectively due to its high standards of living. Yongson Chan, Chief Operating Officer of the Guangxi Beiliu Zhongli Ceramics Co Ltd believes that the country has a big influence over the world, despite its small population. He said, “Brunei has big competitive advantages and market opportunities for us. This time, we would like to explore this country with an open mind as our new market.” 
Guangxi Beiliu Zhongli Ceramics Co Ltd, a corporation integrated both the manufacturing and export of high quality daily-use Porcelain. Based in Beiliu, one of the province in Guangxi, Zhongli inherits the essence of traditional ceramic craftsmanship of Song Dynasty and gathers the new manufacturing technology from all over the world.
Zhongli’s most competitive items are the Round, Square shape dinnerware, Diamond round shape, coupe shape and windmill shape dinnerware, Embossed series, Tea sets, Hotel-ware and other gift sets.
Guangxi Beiliu Zhongli Ceramics Co Ltd is very active in the participation of CAEXPO Brunei Exhibition and it brought in the traditional Chinese cultural craft works to the international stage. It is indeed a win-win situation for the development of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Brunei.
Guangxi Wuzhou Tianmei E-commerce Co., Ltd.
One Stop Customs Clearance Service Provider Removes Language Barrier in ASEAN
Perhaps, one of the most important evolutions of E-commerce in recent years is the ability to browse, compare and shop from any apps via a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Cherry Guo - Foreign Trade Director thinks that with the impactful changes of the internet, it has also modified the way we work, socialize or even shop with others. Thus, by joining CAEXPO in Brunei, they hope that they are able to provide advanced technology and service support for ASEAN enterprises to join them.
Guangxi Wuzhou Tianmei E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the state-owned listed company, Guangxi Wuzhou Communication Co., Ltd. It mainly engages in B2B + B2C + O2O cross-border e-commerce which include warehousing, logistics, distribution, marketing and publicity. The biggest advantage of Tianmei is that they have built an integrated e-commerce platform involving Omni-channel marketing and supply chain service for the customers.
Today, they have developed intelligent cloud service in ASEAN languages targeting on Southeast Asia market which ultimately helps them to break the language barriers in communication. Please feel free to keep in touch with them if you have any doubts.

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