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【City of Charm】Sainyabuli debut at the 14th CAEXPO for Laos

Source: CAEXPO Wechat    Time:2017-08-07 17:11:29

Sainyabuli Province will participate in the 14th China-ASEAN Exposition held in Nanning, Guangxi, China during September 12-15 as the "City of Charm" for Laos to show the unique charm and business opportunities to China and ASEAN and even the whole world. 
Sainyabuli Province is the only province of Laos on the west bank of the Mekong River, adjacent Thailand on the west with Khao Luang as the separator, it enjoys rich resources of wood and lignite thanks in the dense tropical forests. And titled the "rice basket" in the north of Laos, it is abundant in double cropping rice, peanuts, cotton, beans and other crops.   Besides, Sainyabuli Province, with the most elephants of Laos, holds the annual "Elephant Festival", which has become a highlight of the development of local tourism. 

"Whether for agriculture, mining, hydraulic power generation, or processing industry and natural tourism, Sainyabuli Province has huge potential for development," according to an official of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Laos, a co-sponsor of the CAEXPO, Sainyabuli Province will hold a series of activities of the "City of Charm" including theme activities of the city, promotion conference of the city and communication activities of the city during the 14th CAEXPO. By then, Sainyabuli Province will introduce its beautiful natural scenery, rich natural resources and great cooperation opportunities to guests from China, ASEAN and the whole world. 
The "City of Charm" is an important topic and a great innovation of the CAEXPO.  Launched since the 2nd CAEXPO, it is intended to show cooperation opportunities of participating cities in China and ASEAN in terms of tourism, culture, education, science and technology, etc. to extend the bilateral cooperation from city level to national level.  
According to relevant data, by the 13th CAEXPO, 8 provinces (cities) of Laos had shown their amazing charm at the event.  They are Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Savannakhet, Khammouan, Champasak Province, Bokeo Province, Oudomxay Province and Attapu Province, etc., of which Vientiane has been selected for 3 times, and Savannakhet and Khammouan selected for 2 times respectively.   Through the "City of Charm" of the CAEXPO, Laos has demonstrated its advantageous resources in tourism, trade, investment, agriculture, education and mineral exploitation and effectively promoted the extensive multi-field cooperation between cities of Laos and China and other ASEAN countries. 
It is learned that the 14th CAEXPO will center on the theme of "jointly building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and promoting regional economic integration with tourism" to continue to set up the five topics of commodity trade, investment and cooperation, service trade, advanced technology and the "City of Charm" to invite more countries along "The Belt and Road" to the CAEXPO with international capacity cooperation as the focus, invite more "area along the way" along the country exhibitors. Leveraging the CAEXPO, Laos can cooperate with countries along "The Belt and Road" more conveniently to create more international space for bilateral cooperation and share more opportunities with partners. 

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